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Detained Protestors

September 16:
Samer Mazih سامر مازح
Samer was arrested at 8AM while heading to work, he is an activist and was not on the protest sight when arrested. He was refused a phone call till 7pm until he was able to phone his brother. Protesters marched to the Gemmayzeh police station and demanded his release, he was released shortly after and brought back to the square. 

September 16: (an ordered to release all detainees has been issued) 

Ali Sleim علي سليم (Released)
Ajwad Bou Hamdan أجود بو حمدان  — Released
Diaa Howshar ضياء هوشر (released)
Samer Abdallah سامر عبدالله  — Released
Hikmat Al Ameen حكمت الأمين (released)
Maya Aranaout مايا ارناؤوط (Released)
Abbas Ismail  عباس اسماعيل  — Released
Abbas Mousa عباس موسى  — Released
Sami Mousa سامي موسى  — Released
Khaled Adoum خالد عضوم  — Released
Adnan Al Miqdad عدنان المقداد  — Released
ِAbdallah AlJeaid عبدالله الجعيد  — Released
Fidele Shaker فيديل شكار  — Released
Maarouf AlAssaad معروف الأسعد  — Released
Elie Kildani إلي كلداني  — Released
Marwan Maalouf مروان معلوف (released)
Ali Al Battal علي البطل  — Released
Hassan Chamas حسن شمص  — Released
Arabi El Andari عربي العنداري (Released)
Yara AlHarake يارا الحركة (released)
Ali Basal علي بصل  — Released
Sara Shikr سارة شكر (released)
Waref Suleiman وارف سليمان (Hunger Striker – المضرب عن الطعام) — Released
Fares Al Halabi فارس الحلبي  — Released
Miral Shakir ميرال شاكر  — Released
Yousef Al Jirdi يوسف الجردي (Hunger Striker – المضرب عن الطعام)  — Released
Maria bou Rjeili ماريا بورجيلي  — Released
Nadim BouKarroum نديم بوكرم  — Released
Ahmad Amhaz أحمد أمهز  — Released
Khaldoun Jaber خلدون جابر  — Released
Ali Zaherdine علي زهرالدين  — Released
Ahmad Bilal Reslan أحمد بلال رسلان  — Released
Nidal Ayoub نضال أيوب (released)
Ali Ahmad Dia علي أحمد ضيا  — Released
Hussein Shamas حسين شمص  — Released
Hussein Mousa حسين موسى  — Released
Khaled Merhi  خالد مرعي  — Released
Khaled Hassan Ibn Ahmad خالد حسان بن أحمد  — Released
Hussein Nasserdine حسين ناصر الدين  — Released
Abdallah Al Halabi عبدالله الحلبي  — Released
AbdelKader AlBaqi عبدالقادر الباقي  — Released
Haytham Attaqi هيثم عطوي  — Released
Khaled Ahmad خالد احمد  — Released
Ali Hamad علي حمد  — Released
Maria Bou Rafael ماريا بو روفايل  — Released
Diana Al Hakam ديانا الحكم  — Released
Hana Salim حنان سليم  — Released
Naim AlHussein  نعيم الحسين  — Released
Mohamad Haidar محمد حيدر  — Released
Nadine BouKaram ندين بوكروم  — Released
more unknown

Being held at “Al Helou Police Station
Female Detainees are being held at the Gemmayzeh police station


September 13:
Two members of the بدنا_نحاسب arrested while protesting and piling trash in front of Sukleen’s headquarters.


Legal Agenda Update 8 Sept| There are 25 detainees still in arrest at the Military Intelligence of which 7 are minors. Some of the charges they are being held for are illegal charges. The detention state of the minors is also illegal.

There are over 10 arrested with Military Intelligence, some of which are minors.
There’s no list of their names and they are being follow up on with Lawyers.


September 6:
Yousef Jaradi – One of the hunger-strikers afront the ministry of Environment, he was arrested as his health deteriorated and was hospitalized. – Released within two hours [Sep6]


September 3:
Bashar Harake – بشار الحركة [Age] – Released [Sep 3]
Hussam Al Anan – حسام العنان [Age] – Released [Sep 3]

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