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Small Solutions: A crowd call

September 28, 2016

(yes I know I haven’t been blogging, but that’s for another post)

Between trash, elections, trash, security, scandals, more trash and ebbing public opinion, Lebanon seems to be slightly ever so slightly changing.

Refugees are not going anywhere anytime soon. The trash crisis is still here.
People are slightly sicker of the ruling class than last year and for plenty of good and obvious reasons, but that’s worth alot more than people give it credit.

Something I’d like to promote and call for your support on: Recycle Beirut, a service I have been personally using for the past year are going online to raise money to grow their work, please support them here:


Remember that trash crisis we’re so good at ignoring. Oh and that raging war taking place next door, that we’re so good at ignoring as well. Here’s a slither of hope and a small solution.
Separating your trash is by far the easiest most obvious thing that everyone should be doing today! There’s absolutely no excuse on the planet for not separating at the source except arrogance and ignorance. Keep a bag for recyclables (or multiple) and one for your organics. You’ll realize that 80-90% of your daily trash is packaging and your organic trash is too easy to compost. There’s no such thing as waste. It’s all raw material and resources, just like our bodies that decompose into the soil and new life.

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