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Today in Absurd Government News; Sep7 #طلعت_ريحتكم #YouStink

September 7, 2015

It’s not secret that the government is prolonging it’s time, delaying, slacking and merging deals under the table. Chugging money into media to stain the protests, and creating false rumors about the organizers (yes they are organizers not cult leaders), in a flailing attempt to discourage people from joining.

One common rumor is the protests are pro-Hezbollah & funded by the American embassy. Take a moment to soak that in.

On the other hand, the self-extended ministers continue are desperately trying to get their next pay check and big corruption scheme together.

Mirna Chalouhi Highway, Sep 1 by @ritakml

Trash Burning @ Mirna Chalouhi Highway, Sep 1 by @ritakml

Today, Sep 7:

  1. N. Berri met with the American ambassador (who is rumored to be funding the movement by March 8 alliance) [link AR]
  2. N. Machnouk met with the Kuwaiti Ambassador [link AR]
  3. Geagea met with the Qatari Prince [link AR]
  4. F. Sanioura also met with the Qatari Ambassador [link AR]
  5. Kataeb Party (led by Gemayel) visit the Progressive Socialist Party (led by Jumblatt) (suddenly we’re all friends, cheers) [link AR]
  6. M. Aoun met with the Dutch ambassador [link AR]

All that in a day’s work… I dunno who is being funded by foreign interest and corruption more than the Lebanese government.

Jal El Dib Trash Piles on the side of the road; by Ghassan Hachem


Sad Al Bouchrie protest against random dump sites popping up by unregulated dumping of trash everywhere [link – AR]

Trash Treatment committee – The proposed dump sites shared by some media stations, may not be entirely true. [link – AR] | 1. yes they are still talking about dump sites, not recycling solutions | 2. “might not be entirely true” but good be, we will not tell you, it all depends on how bad you react to it! #fail

There seems to be a plan to split Mount Lebanon into two Governorates? Ofcourse this was the last sentence of a rambling article.. aka, slid in for discretion!

In other news:
Food strike continues in front of the Ministry of Environment, with strikers health deteriorating at varying ranges. Lebanese Security Forces even had the nerve to ridicule the strikers and arrest two of them for a couple of hours each amidst their strike.

The minister of environment says he’s ready to face trial if needed, I applaud his courage, but we all know that the parliament would not allow for that. And the “Organization for Protection of Beirut’s Rights” (14 March Alliance) have launched a legal committee to defend the Minister of Environment in case he’s on trial. Their statement emphasized that the lawyers from all sects, region and are decent men for some reason.

The Open Dumpster of the Parliament receiving it's daily trash dose (all recyclable, odor-free)

The Open Dumpster of the Parliament receiving its daily trash dose (all recyclable, odor-free)

Tomorrow; Sep 8
5:30 PM Press Conference for Kataeb Party, Saifi
6:00 PM Protest in front of the EDL – Electricite Du Liban, Mar Mikhael
6:00 PM Open discussion in Riad Al Solh
7:00 PM Daily Open Trash Dumping at the Parliamentary dumpster.

Wednesday; Sep 9
10:00 AM Protest at Riad Al Solh at the time of the parliamentary session regarding the “trash crisis” and country’s dismal state
6:00 PM Protest at Riad Al Solh
Join us in Brussels & Paris

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