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Hunger Strike #طلعت_ريحتكم #YouStink

September 4, 2015

Within less than 24 hours 11 citizens have joined a hunger-strike until the Environment Minister resigns from his role (since he has resigned from the trash committee, a critical and very politicized crisis).

The names of the protesters on hunger strike are:

  1. Mohamad Harake –  محمد حركة
  2. Salah Jubaily –  صلاح جبيلي
  3. Ahmad Al Masri –  أحمد المصري
  4. Ali Hamouch – علي حموش
  5. Hussein Mubarak – حسين مبارك
  6. Waref Suleiman (Initiator of the strike) – وارف سليمان
  7. Mohamad Awaly – محمد عوالي
  8. Dany Suleiman –  داني سليمان
  9. Ahmad Majzoub –  أحمد مجذوب
  10. Zein Nasserdinne – زين ناصر الدين
  11. Hasan Koteich –  حسن قطيش
  12. Inaya – عناية
  13. Bilal Alawa – بلال علاو
  14. Mohamad Mogharbel – محمد مغربل

Photo Source & Credit أخبار الساحة

Photo Credit: Roy Dib


On another note, the strong of hashtags is getting crazy. …. #بدنا_نحاسب #طلعت_ريحتكم

And don’t miss: #اتيكيت_التظاهرات on twitter



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