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[EN] ‫#‏طلعت_ريحتكم Aug22

August 23, 2015

I have not been to a protest in a very long time, since the last #AntiSectarian one in Saida put a nail in the secular movement’s coffin.
Historically the secular movement has been badly organized, shattered and distracted. It still is. It is not united under “a leader” nor a “black room”. It is not united under “a God” or a manifesto that no one reads (like all political parties in Lebanon).
Because simply, it is a movement of national passion, of love, of determination, of people from across all walks of life, religions, social statuses, ages, education levels, careers and lack of them.

Two days ago, a few protestors went down to Riad Al Solh, the trash situation was being shelved (again). The protestor where attacked, beaten and arrested! I boiled as I sat in my chair at home, I stirred, I cried. I got dressed, but they released the protestors and the crowd dispersed before i got out.

Today I woke up with a pounding heart and pride that I haven’t felt in a long time. I brewed my passion all day, as the time ticked away slowly to 6pm. I passed through downtown twice earlier today and each time the scene looked even more horrific.

Army with Batons? the Army … facing civilians?! Is this Lebanon! I prayed that today would be safe. But It seems there were many praying against it.

I was proud of every child, mother, elderly, suit, man and scuba diving gear i saw greeting the way! We danced, drummed and chanted. There was no other flag but the red, white and cedar proudly reaching for the skies. We got beaten, battered, sprayed and gassed.

by Gino Riady

Never in the past 5 years has this violence been used against armed militias in Lebanon, let alone unarmed civilians. Never has anything like this happened before.

What did we do wrong this time? Who did we piss off? Is trash collection really such a goldmine of corruption, robbery and below-the-table-contracts, that you are willing to kill civilians for it!

I don’t want a revolution in the streets. I want a revolution at the ballots! There are citizens among us that have far more integrity than every minister and MP occupying the government and those they report to!
I would rather have a fresh grad be president than the “options” at hand (a dinosaur & a murderer)
I would rather quit my job and run for elections than hear, but there are no alternatives!

When I was 5, I wanted to join the army and fight to defend my country. Every-time i see a soldier my heart swells with pride. Today I’m confused beyond possibilities. How could the my favorite people in the world stab us.

We invited them to join us, they tried to kill us. This is what the Lebanese army has bullets for; civilians not ISIS.

I can never pass by a soldier with pride every again. I will not protect you from angry protestors ever again. You are cowards!

To add to all this the Interior Minister had the nerve to say “The people in the straight do NOT represent public opinion, they are just a bunch of angry of people” “I will resign if i find it appropriate, but i will not do it to please my political opponents” “they (other MPs) are accountable as well, so stop blaming only me” << the NERVE!

We demand his resignation. Sign the petition


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