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غداًيومٌ أفضل – Tomorrow’s a brighter day #Aug22 #طلعت_ريحتكم

August 21, 2015

Why i’m protesting tomorrow. 

I’m sick of being a citizen whose basic human rights (electricity, water, trash collection & treatment, civil rights) are not a priority to the parliament’s agenda… if not this… then what?!
The excuse that a electricity generator broke down that’s why we have shortages has been disgustingly overused!

The excuse that recycling and trash treatment is not a national priority in “Green Lebanon” IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! 

The fact that a parliament member is 82 and in seat since 50 years is NOT ACCEPTABLE! More so, since the rate of unemployed youth exceeds 20% in Lebanon

riot police that only shows up when unarmed civilians protest

riot police that only shows up when unarmed civilians protest

The extended parliament that has not regard to the population is being paid through our hard earned tax money, from which we barely see any benefits! 
It is not acceptable to watch militia’s roam the streets in utter freedom while unarmed civil protestors get beaten with batons, watwr sprayed and arrested! This is not why we pay taxes! This is not why we vote! 

I would like to wake up one day in my life and not have the same nauseating raping my country’s resources with nothing to show!  

I don’t want to die from a stray bullet during the speech of some war-lords’ useless speech

I don’t want to die from a car swerving because a newly discovered grotto (pothole the size of a car) on an unlit mountain highway. 

I would like to visit Tripoli without checking the news to confirm that it’s safe. 

I would like to visit my Baalbeck without doing the same! 

I want to walk in downtown Beirut and not cringe thinking how disgustingly empty and none-Lebanese-welcoming Nejmeh square is

I would like to reclaim my right to swim in the sea, a resource that embraces my beloved country

I want to be able to explain my addiction (why i left dubai to live here) to this country to people without… err-s 

I’m going down because there’s no place like home! 




*Disclaimer: this post was typed, drafted and published on a mobile phone, in a super emotional (aka Lebanon Loving) spurr. 

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