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Lebanon should learn from Alibaba

May 10, 2015

I probably have a few drafts and rants on inefficient government operations in Lebanon, across all government entities i was forced to deal with. It’s tough to develop a more efficient government with staff that refuses to embrace technology (yes there are computers everywhere… no one uses them!!) and with a leadership that is stone-age.

This is not about the actual years these people have lived, it’s about the era that they refuse to get out of. (in the case of our 80+ MPs, yes, it’s about your age! The parliament is not your retirement fund!) This make sit apply to even younger generations within these institutes that are enjoying the status-quo of in-efficient and redundant operations.

Maybe we can learn something from the private-sector, enforce retirement (and pay retirement salaries), it may sound like a cost, but it’s not. It’s merely a small fast forward into the future, our future.

Allow more experience generations to supervise, train and advice
Create job opportunities for younger generations (it’s no secret we have a massive unemployment problem)
Solve alot of wastage in resources and time at multiple levels
Open the door for innovative problem solving and optimization, as well as, much needed new talents.

Born in the ’70s  Jack Ma’s Memo to Alibaba Employees on Management Shuffle   Digits   WSJ

Born in the ’70s Jack Ma’s Memo to Alibaba Employees on Management Shuffle —

P.S. Our current “Minister of State for Administrative Development” has extensive experience in breeding cows, not computers, nor processes! The previous one (2009-2014) was a military man, and it gets more dismal as we go back. 

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