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We’ll be back

March 5, 2015

This blog is currently in comma, it is not dead, It micro-blogs on on twitter and facebook The archive is below and on the right of the screen, you can check out what I’m reading on the right below (goodreads)

I will be blogging soon *fingers crossed* – yes there is a folder of drafts waiting to become posts lurking in the CMS.

Here’s a kitten to keep you company while waiting

random cute kitten meme

random cute kitten

Also this blog is 5 years old now! If it were a human, it would have witnessed, Protests across the region, the fall of three dictators, the emergence of opposition across more than 10 countries in the region and many more abroad. Dozens Genocides and assaults, three full fledged wars on Gaza from Israel, presidential gaps, a devastating decrease in literacy rates in the MENA region. Syrians becoming the largest refugee nation in the world. Israel faces war crime allegations. Lebanon still sinking in an abyss of the unkown. Smartphones dominating the world, and technology invading every aspect of our lives. This five year old is set for a very confused psyche.

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