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Lebanon and Arab Countries on the Global Open Data Index

December 12, 2014

“Knowledge economy” will probably overtake the “entrepreneurship” as the buzz word for the next decade. Not that i find either words bad for the economy!
Saying that one thing that continues to be an obstacle to nurturing impactful digital progress and increasing efficiency is the lack of document and open data.

I emphasize on documented, because in many scenarios the data itself does not exist, as it is sitting in physical archives, hand written and badly maintained.

The Global Open Data index currently features 97 ranks, of which Lebanon is #85. Frankly I’m surprised Lebanon is on the list to start with, so although some may find this a bashing point, it shows that we are at least trying. Good job 😉

Lebanon on the Global Open Data Index

Lebanon on the Global Open Data Index

The index measures based on the following metrics:

Breakdown of Metrics of the Global Data Index, Lebanon

The #1 ranked country is the UK, they are definitely doing an amazing job with their Open Data programs. Other Arab countries on the list with their rankings are:
#63 Tunisia
#74 Saudi
#79 Egypt & Morocco
#85 Lebanon (for reference)
#93 Oman

I’m also surprised some “leading, world-class”-PR-manic countries are not even on the list. Well I’m not really surprised, but it goes to show…

Back to Lebanon:
The above shows us that we need more transparent government spending and budgeting is necessary, but also that there are problems hindering our progress, like functional addresses, postal codes and maps that work. (thank you Zawarib)

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