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#GGRIL now fundraising!

October 19, 2014

It’s no secret, this blog is a fan of the Green Glass recycling initiative by Cedar Environmental. [here, here and here]

Why we should care about recycling glass? Oh let me count thee ways…
1. less landfills (which in Lebanon means trash mountains)
2. less glass ending up in forests and causing fires
3. saving the last glass blowing workshop in ALL of Lebanon (the Phoenicians would be ashamed!)
4. did you know that factories are now IMPORTING glass for beverages, yes, we IMPORT glass, because after the last Israeli war on Lebanon the investors have run away…
5. citizenship is a contribution, and small steps are what matters.. be a role model for future citizens, just maybe, the next generation may have some ethics to save us!
6. the recycled products are pretty cool, come in recycled packaging and is available across venues in Beirut.
7. did you know glass is 100% recyclable?
8. because this is the founder’s love epilogue to the recycling:

IMG_8972 IMG_1483IMG_8970IMG_8973

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