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The Dead Arabic Dream

October 13, 2014

The regional situation is so sad, that singing about it has become our only remaining past time. (even ISIS’s troops are imported!

This beautiful video (and vocals) has been circulating for a few days…

…and the comments section (as always) makes me lose hope. Loads of morons condemning singing and calling for the caliphate, calling the women whores. I fail to see hope at the end of this tunnel.

All the recent videos / songs remain a slither next to the one the blasted throughout the Intifada days, with Mohammad AlDurra’s dying images (which have been declared false last year as Israel is cleansing its media image, without a blip of discontent from the dormant masses)

At some point we believed there was hope, it was a shiny life. But those that have sold our lives… have a marvelous tactic of making the center of the world a dark abyss of hatred. Arab what?

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