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The Little Drop – Is humanity worth saving?

September 26, 2014

أول الغيث The little drop

The art of webisodes and online video content is one that is gaining undeniable traction in the region due to its grasp on youth’s online attention span.

After my addiction to Shankaboot & Takki, I can’t believe i actually missed this webisode that started last month: The Little Drop أول الغيث.

—- I have one problem with the whole series: the opening graphics… very TV drama reminiscent … bad. Really, please change them. —-

The episodes evoke a reality that we like to hide from. One that we are happy to pretend is one-dimensional, that evil is not us, that racism is our opposite & that terrorism is a person and not a machine that can turn anyone into a bomber.

The story touches upon:
Syrian refugees
Parental pressure
Unemployment & need for money
Youth & digital
Corruption through religion & institution
Organ black market
Terrorism (and specifically, ISIS)

For 15 episodes… that’s a whirlwind!!

The most resonating angle for me is recruiting terrorists from young men in vulnerable situations.

If you want to control an ignorant person, package all void in Religion

If you want to control an ignorant person, package all void in Religion – Ibn Rushud –

Being a person that is faced with this occasionally through my younger brother (15). His classmates father has taken the liberty to attempt luring him to sermons and prayers, as well as, ongoing preaches about what religion should be and how my brother needs to change his habits. To clarify some things: these preaches are happening without the parental consent, the classmate is barely passing in school while my brother is the first on his batch. I’d rather my brother respects religion, but remain secular in his outlook, which he is good at!

We look at people who are bombing us as if they have come from another planet, we sometimes look at the army and ISF as of they are not one of us. (which completely legitimizes their campaigns that emphasis their belonging to the people) We also look at political parties’ recruits as if they are imported sardines! It soothes us to think that these people don’t belong to “us”, they are a “them”. It justifies our rage to see them as group, a “them and they”, not as names and faces, individuals, with families, children, friends, mothers and siblings that probably don’t approve of their switch to radicalism (even though the seeds of racism lurk our social consciousness)

It’s heart throbbing to accept that these terrorists are humans, with families and lives that have been lured by the endless mechanisms of a very sophisticated and merciless war machine.
I’m not justifying ISIS’s actions or saying we should cut them some slack. But i look at these young men and women in videos and streets, and see humans ( a humanitarian failure on my behalf maybe ), not guns.

Radicals answers to survival are ignorant violence

Radicals answers to survival are ignorant violence

We are born humans before being churned into a religion, class, language and flag.

Everytime a bomber explodes to ashes, they seem to get younger. I see a person whose childhood friends are secretly weeping as they don’t dare publicly miss and love a terrorist.

People are killed for the same reason others are raped: to be taught a lesson. To be put in place. To prove power. To prove to themselves before anyone else that they are right and others are wrong. That maybe if they are able to reach a majority they maybe, just maybe, be going to heaven, or make their parents proud. Or maybe they can fill the void.

Terrorism, like Rape, is an action, not a reaction.

(Disclaimer: the American government’s terrorist list IS NOT the reference for “terrorists” in the world. However their buddies could easily fill that gap 😉 )

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