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Lebanese Army; a saga

August 7, 2014

Let’s start with, I support the Lebanese Army till death do us part.
As a child i always dreamt of growing up to be a soldier, things have changed, when i found out girls don’t go to battle and there are millions of ways to serve your country.

Recently i have conflicted feelings about the Internal Forces, Army and all those “protecting” the state. As a person that attended protests against the sectarian regime which was always faced with a sea of ISF, whom on too many occasions ended up beating peaceful protesters.

Clashes in Tripoli as army tanks watch.

When the image of the army sitting ideally as masked gun-men stormed in Tripoli it was a hard blow for everyone. Noting that the image did not go overlooked, and that the soldiers were held accountable…. but no one really knows what happened and how.

The ongoing wars in the region have been harsh for everyone, the strategy is turn everyone against each other in a war that frees the land of humans and leave the oil and gas fields for the US and Saudi to lavish in. There is no army in Palestine, The armies of Syria and Iraq are in a war within themselves, and Egypt is split with Sisi’s coup of the government with pro-sisi and pro-morsi supporter turmoil, aka, the army is at war.

Middle East and North Africa Region torn at the center.

Middle East and North Africa Region torn at the center.

That leaves us with Lebanon, that small never stable (and too used to it) place, where the army still stands, not as a power, but a symbol as proud and high as the Cedar. Lebanese can disagree on many things, we even have multiple versions of the national anthem, but the Army and Cedar are what keep the countrymen holding.

Ironically, Lebanon is a country infested with guns and weaponry in every major political party (not just Hizbullah, sorry for the “wake-up” call).

Yesterday, King Abdullah declared a Billion Dollars in aid for the Lebanese Army to support it against ISIS. this comes after announcing $3B of aid earlier this year in the form of weapons from France (which don’t exist yet), in the blame game, Saudi is saying that France is delaying, France is saying that the weapons and ready and Lebanon has and fucking clue. Ofcourse, the real deal is that the money and weapons will only be transferred if the army turns its weapons against Hizbullah  and / or fulfills some Saudi set criteria for eligibility, and / or, Harriri is broke and that’s a nice way of camouflaging them sending him money 😉
الحريري: الملك كلفني بإيصال المليار دولار للجيش – Saad AlHarriri: The King ordered me to deliver the $1B to the army

Some Factors:

Why is the Lebanese army weak in artillery, finance and numbers?

Weapons and Finance:

The army has been under equipped since the beginning of the invasion by Israel in the 80s to post civil war 90s and ongoing. When the Israeli invasion happened, that took the region by storm, but ever since the country has been split in a civil war and disintegration of state and the bulk of artillery was bought and maintained by militias fighting in the streets. When the civil-war supposedly ended, parties declared handing in their weapons to the government supposedly (ofcourse no one believes that), Hizbullah was not a major group yet at the time, but they never handed in their weapons.

Since the pseudo-peace the government has had no decision to strengthen the army in any form. Recovering from a 30 year war, there was alot of infrastructure and maintenance to get the country up and running, also with the chaos came a great opportunity for looting the cabinet). Besides the western embargo on having any army surrounding Israel have any real army power (queue the end of Iraq, Syria and Egypt).

So they can’t get weapons from the West, nor Iran & Russia, in fear of economic repercussions. where do you get arms from? and how do you afford them when Nabih Berri and AlHarriri’s loot the country’s resources, abuse the system, get away without taxes and bills? Who pays for the bullet that save a Lebanese child?

So when the government that is driving the army of financing does a call for financing by citizen donations … I don’t know how to feel about it.


A few years back the parliament (who rarely agrees on ANYTHING!) voted against compulsory military service. For a country surrounded by turmoil.. who’s fucking bright idea was that????? Syria has invaded Lebanon for decades and still has a major influence on its turmoil (I’m not blaming refugees), Israel doesn’t hide its aggression and continues to violate Lebanese airspace on almost daily basis!


Economist’s Graph on International Military Personnel (size)

Jordan is at “Peace” with Israel, so it’s no threat, but a strong war rages against Iran, Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Syria to eradicate any army “bigger” than that of Israel’s, as they widen their scope of compulsory military service, and ISIS continues to the kill the people for them.

Recruit them to become the slaughterers of their armies… sounds like a brilliant sinister plan. Turn the people against their armies, and the clergy against science. Death by the zombies apocalypse.

On a lighter note, here’s some comedy:

Yes these are the brilliant elite that run this country. *facepalm*

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