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Open Letter to #Indiegogo

August 6, 2014

Dear #Indiegogo community team.

This campaign may not be directly against your regulations, it’s a sugar coated version of the continuous aggression against the people of Palestine and the death of it’s civilians.
Although I support the building of temples and synagogues, this comes at high cost when it happens by a body that has no respect for human rights, religious tolerance, nor credibility.

I realize Indiegogo is based in the US, the sole love of Israel. I just ask you to switch of the Media and watch what is really happening in Palestine.

Prohibited Content:

Jerusalem Post: Amid war, right-wing organization calls for Third Temple initiative, angering pivotal J’lem council
Al Jazeera: ‘Third Temple’ crowdfunding plan aims to relocate Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock

Build the Third Temple - Hasbara

Build the Third Temple – Hasbara

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