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#MashrouLeila for #President

August 1, 2014

#MashrouLeila for #President.- No other artists have gathered youth across the region, rich and poor, black or white, like the blissful voice, enriching lyrics, and outstanding music of #MashrouLeila.

The fact that the lead singer is Gay spills towards a feared reality: We are all Human, beyond the social clutter.

It’s one thing to oppose legalizing marriage for homosexuals. It’s another to call for their condemnation and abolishment.

We all have our interpretations of religion, rarely do people adopt the love interpretations. When fear becomes our religion, what differentiates us from savage life?

I support Mashrou’ Leila’s right to perform their mesmerizing tunes across the globe as they raise our flag and pride high. (in contrast to the bullshit that reigns our media!)

What is the difference between Fouad Al Adem and #ISIS? Nothing.


Fouad Al Adem's post ridiculing Hamed Sinno and homosexuals.

Fouad Al Adem’s post ridiculing Hamed Sinno and homosexuals.


Fouad El Adem  فؤاد العضم مشروع ليلى

Fouad Al Adem Follow up post.

It’s important to note that this great “man” is a Free Patriotic Movement representative in Zouk Mikael. There are Lebanese homosexual people across the world that support the FPM, as the case with life is politics and person are not the same.
Will the FPM discipline people that speak in it’s name with no respect to others? Would you vote for them?

This is NOT the Lebanon I want to live in.

The concert is tomorrow, Saturday, August 2. Tickets available @ Virgin Ticketing


This post is based on this article (and some poking on social media): Daily Xtra: Mashrou’ Leila and lead singer Hamed Sinno still set to perform at Zouk festival


Mashrou’ Leila in Concert

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