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Manual: When to start a revolution?

July 4, 2014

The Arab Spring (yes, there were real revolutions in the past two years, for those that prefer to blame chaos on conspiracy) has altered the region dramatically and dictatorships have killed tens of thousands of citizens in the past two years.

But what started in Syria marked the end of the spring that was launched in Tunis, as we know it. Ofcourse a quick glance of the region… not a single country’s leadership deserves the reign (please don’t object by saying Dubai is perfect, reality check: it’s not!).

Mohamed Abu Khder who was murdered and burned by Israeli settlers by @Occupy2gether Palestine

The Syrian crisis has been ongoing for 2 years now. Neither a solution nor a peace treaty seems to be looming in the horizon. Other countries still in turmoil: Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq(ofourse!), Yemen, and the never-ending Palestine (and Lebanon by extension of everything, as always). With the “Islamic States of Iraq and Sham” ISIS, ISIL, Madmen with beards and bazzukas, or whatever you wanna call them, declaring an “Ummah” of their own on top of existing borders (not taking consent nor opinions of  their citizens… zionism much?), AND, declaring Caliphates for each state to “rule” them, where are the eyes of the region?


ISIS declares their “ummah” by Reuters

@Alaa Abdel Fattah and 15 Egyptian activists sentenced to 15 years in prison for peaceful “protests” #Egypt – Picture by Reuters

Protest is Sudan in support of Mariam Yehya who was charged with Execution because she changed her religion to Christianity in #Sudan

Well… FIFA for one, vacation in Europe, and ofcourse… the epilogues of yet another “Bab El 7arra”.

If you’d like to start a revolution, a protest, a humane call, here’s what you should avoid, in order to get any attention:
2. Champion’s League
3. Ramadan
4. Eids (both of them)
5. Christmas
6. Summer (May through October) – It’s just too hot for people to think or focus + vacations, no schools, etc.
7. Weekends (especially Friday)
8. An Armin Van Burren Concert in the region
9. 9PM on weekdays (weekends are out of question) – that’s when prime movies are showing on TV
10. Talent Shows on MBC1 – all of them. just not a good idea.

When can you have a revolution, protest, or a remotely dire discussion to the vitality and existence of human kind in the region?

Monday and Tuesday, between 8 – 9 PM

We can rally all (what’s left) of 300 Million citizens in the region and give them a minute each on tv every Monday and Tuesday for an hour. That’s 5 Million hours / 2 days a week / 52 weeks a year = 48,076.9 years.

That’s probably how long we’ll need to realize we are ignorant and inhumane! It takes more than giving pocket change to a young begging girl to become human. Why is this child on the street to start with, why is she not in school, parents? law? government? where are your taxes going? Where is the returns from the money that the governments are laundering from you? Why is there no R&D in the region? Where is our right to speak? to learn? to work and conduct business?
Where is our right to breathe clean air? unpolluted food? 24/7 power and water? Internet … some decent affordable internet!!!!

Where is our right to exist?

(apologies for the graphic image… but this has to be seen)

Syrian citizens crucified in Deir Hafir, #Aleppo by #ISIS via @green_lemonnn

I  disown the Arab League for forbidding me from my basic right of travel within countries they claim are related by language (which they are not) without the bestowed permission of authorities that i’m not a threat to their national morals (being a Lebanese girl is always a threat to cultural morals). Let’s just cut the crap and end the nostalgia of unity “Arab” nations… bala habal.

Let’s have a revolution next Monday night at 8PM, we can even vote for the topic we want to protest!  It’ll be a blast!


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