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Wishlist: Public Transport at Beirut Airport

March 18, 2014

Is it too much to ask; to be able to arrive at the airport get on a bus, train, tram or ferry and head to a station.

Public transport in the Lebanon is so under developed, ironically the “conflict of interest” for Van #4 drivers, cab drivers and other infamous routes always seem to be an obstacle for any progress.

Arriving at the airport of any country / city, is a reflection of your trip to come. Arriving at Beirut Airport is … let’s just say… a nightmare. Between haggling cab drivers, smoking policemen and intrusive luggage workmen, it’s not the most pleasant experience (and probably a true reflection rarely portrayed by the Tourism Ministry Ads).

The main challenges: Consistency, Quality and Reliability.

Charles Helou Station © Haytham al-Moussawi / Al Akhbar

Charles Helou Station © Haytham al-Moussawi / Al Akhbar

An idea:
Two buses should leave the airport every 30 minutes to two destinations: Cola Bridge Station (main station for all transport heading South) & Charles Helou Station (main bus station for heading North). (– A single bus stop maybe designated on route to/from the airport for midway pickups and drop offs.)

A clear route map and schedule of buses should be available at multiple locations throughout the airport to guide arrivals (in Arabic, English and French)

The buses need to be monitored and controlled by the airport to make sure they are on time and meeting cleanliness and hygiene standards. (maybe some of the ideal staff can have some work to do 😉 )

The same should be available for arrivals to the airport; a consistent bus that leaves Cola / Charles Helou every 30 minutes to the Airport.

Beirut 2020?

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