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Censor Ministers not Bloggers

March 12, 2014

Here’s the deal; I’m a design major, and through out my college years have been assured ENDLESSLY that media / awards are mainly sponsorship and financial based.
You can always do the math, the higher sponsorship levels always get more awards, by coincidence… It could be that they have $$ paid more for applications, say for … 20 website applications, at a rate of $5000, and want to send in your management for a couple of days, about another $5,000 – quite a budget; we haven’t even booked tickets yet! But you have submitted a ton of material, more likely to be reviewed and more likely to win something (this is the benefit of the doubt)
However, that doesn’t make you an award, that makes you a supermarket, you pay more, you get more.
Many younger and vibrant boutiques / agencies /individuals are doing amazing work, but you are only rewarding those that can afford it, and those are not many… Is it fair? Financially, yes? Is it professional… shove it!

Is Rita right? She doesn’t have to be, that’s why it’s called a blog. It’s an opinion and an honest one for that matter.

Instead of Pan Arab Web Awards reaching out to her after realizing the problem, taking the feedback (and waking up to their rep) and introducing changes, or even embracing or explaining the reasoning behind their strategy… *drum roll* … they tale legal action! [more]

Deja Vu moment:
Benihana Kuwait [review] [lawsuit]
Abir Ghattas’s Photo
Zeid Hamdan (General Suleiman Song) [story][release]
and the list is endless…

And to think that “web awards” being a little more “digital” and assumptivly more “open minded” would know better than to take that root. But they might as well be running Kitten beauty contests (oh wait that would actually be better, since it would promote more adoption… or something).

How about we take on another approach, can we sue Butros Harb for his sectarianism and Randa Berri for her fight against women’s rights (which is against the UN Human rights, which again, btw, we are signed on as a country)! Can we sue MTVLebanon News for the love of wrong news (always reporting casualties, blocked roads and death before confirming them, always deleting their tweets and changing their titles!)

Pan Arab Web Awards vs. the Web

Pan Arab Web Awards vs. the Web

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