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Wishlist: Digitizing TeleLiban’s Archives

March 9, 2014

Digitize TeleLiban’s archives, all of them, and upload it all to Youtube.
TeleLiban has a wealth of media from the past decades that need to be available for the newer generation & the older generation to recall their history of a civil war still bleeding. Also, for a glorified progressive educated and lively past, of a country that shines it’s beauty under the ashes.

What is needed? Probably permissions from the Government… digitizing film machines, man power (and video enhancing talents) and internet. (Oh and permission from the station)

Since the quality of videos is probably very low, enhancing them would be very important and uploading them should be relatively ok.

Keeping in mind that TVs ran very specific short programming in the past also means that the content is not a 24hr stream…

Teleliban Zajal

While back the “past government” allocated budgets to support the station (Tele-Liban gets glossy hi-tech overhaul)
I don’t how this was affected by the current interim government… nor how ambitious the overhaul is.

With a place holder website and a stagnant Facebook page… will TeleLiban meet the expectations of the new world? Can we help?

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  1. March 10, 2014 1:08 pm

    I think there’s a group of people working on digitizing old Tele Liban shows.
    and the “Lebanese Forces” claim to own part of the archive.

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