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Get The Government Out Of My Ass!

February 28, 2014

Update/ March 9th.
Qatar Airways and Emirates Airline under-fire when faced with their employee policy that bans their attendants from getting pregnant or even married while part of the fleet.

Qatar Airways even had the nerve to blame the backlash on their Qatar2022 plans (which are webbed in rumors if money and corruption). The CEO even stated “”If you come to seek employment with Qatar Airways we give you a document that these are the rules and regulations, if you as a mature individual accept those conditions, then you shouldn’t complain.””

I don’t know when he missed the memo on Human rights and the end of slavery , but that is the epitome of human rights violations. That’s the equivalent of saying: “i’m paying you less cause your a woman and i will put you on birth control because i can and no one can judge me”

For a country that claims the the believe in God, or any form of religion of mercy, this is a disgusting and bigot claim. No human has the right to control a person’s right to marry and procreate, just to make their “investment” worthwhile.

Humans are not investments, they are beings with lives, not property nor bonds and no one has the right to claim otherwise, let alone some blood thirsty war mongering country that is lavishing in the downfall of others.

Oh wait that obviously adds up.
I’m sure the law also applies to Qatari women, oh wait Qatari women don’t work as cabin crew they are too “cool” for that.

AlArabiya | Arab News
We have agreed over and over again that Lebanon is not a sovereign government / country; tied between the worse of world evils: Russia (Syria/Iran) & US (Saudi/Qatar). So it rightfully bugs whenthe bl governments of either of those, or their extended networks have some nerve.

Pretext set.

Protests over Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan ‘ban’ on lacy underwear
ECE ready to consider proposals to change the requirements for underwear [Russian]
Russian ban on lacy lingerie meets cries of panty persecution
ثورة السراويل!؟

Do governments have nothing better to do than ban and meddle with our vaginas? Literally.
You can’t have contraceptives, abortions, tampons, sex or underwear without the consent of some “guardian angel” glaring in!

Hygiene and safety should be taught not banned.

How about incentives for young manufacturers who are working on cotton clothing?
Or tax cut downs on local products and textiles.

The global IQ of governments is reaching the rock bottom of absurdity day after day.

K- Lynn in Faraya Lebanon @ 2008 (Conservative Country)

Lately I have been contemplating the role or governments and their necessity in running our lives.
Lebanon is prime for this; government or no government, life goes on.
It’s not ideal, but if the government worried more about administration and function than “governing” the people. It would actually work. Ministers and ministries are money laundry and corruption monsters, drilling into the resources, power and money of the country.

Why can’t we outsource it once and for all to private companies? With minimal administrative overlook on quality and delivery.

Decrease costs, increase efficiency. Get out of our vaginas!
Worry about more important things… like electricity, unemployment, abuse, media manipulation leading to disorders ( mental and physical ), and and and …

women buying lingerie

Pre- Valentines in Beirut

This is not to say that the Russian government is bad because it’s communist/ socialist, i know some reading this might be happily thinking that (and one of the links above is FoxNews). The supposedly “democratic” west is not better. Abortion and contraceptive pills ( +morning after) are still a debate in court in many american states [another] [another].

Capitalism, socialism, feminism, racism, whatever ism you’re suffering from, doesn’t have to start with the vaginas? Do people really not see beyond the walls of birth?

Get out of our vaginas! It’s not your business what we wear and don’t, nor what we pop or bleed!
I’d rather keep my vagina and lose governments.

Pussy Riot

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