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Things To Be Learnt From #StripForJackie

February 24, 2014
1- Social pressure on behavior & looks are almost worse for men than for women!
Snark remarks about men’s body hair and bellies mercilessly and abundantly floated the digital sphere.
  • For those that have missed human beings for the past decades while staring at overally photoshopped models in magazine, tv, and online; kindly note that men ( especially arabs ) have body hair
  • For the girls… so do you! Before waxing it all off … painting your face, nails, tattooing your eyebrows & reconstructing your face!
I applaud the men that took pictures & braved the shallow bullshit of the netizens
I am not naked, I'm a musician

I am not naked, I’m a musician

“Social gurus” jump to critize social cause that trends faster than anything!! The #NotAMartyr campaign was so badly critized, i still don’t understand why?
Activist gurus are even worse… always criticizing others never really looking to learn and develop
Not all campaigns are meant to shake the parliament, free the people, take down the barricades and free Palestine.
I’m ecstatic to see Lebanese netizens that are not activists join social causes, express their opinion, brave the social pressure and embrace one anothers hopes, dreams and problems.
Very rarely does the average citizen have a room to express their opinion on mass media (since media in Lebanon is just a facade for politicians) and Social media is overshadowed by “activists”
2- Both #NotAMartyr & #StripforJackie were constructive in my opinion, they broke alot of taboos.
Martyrdom; the ever glamorized doom. Stop soothing us with words that are not real, and not our free will. Not everyone that gets killed a causality of terrorism is a martyr, nor did they chose to be! Martyr’s by title, dead by reality. And death is not a trophy.

Girls, Nightlife, Tourism … conservative Lebanon.

Conservative Lebanon. Really? When? Remember the infamous video of the two girls in mini skirts dancing on the bar ? The glamorized cleavages, bikinis & upskirts of Lebanese girls promoting Lebanese tourism and “liberal” society?
K-Lynn fashion shows in Faraya?
Beach parties in Èdde Sands?
When did we adopt the niqab as a national moto?
The #StripForJackie campaign unleashed the face of our “conservative” society: Giving the middle finger to all.
Update: I Am Not Naked page now has over 20,000 supporters.
3- Creativity empowers social campaigns.
This is something i’m a strong believer in and happy to see that belief surface in these campaigns.
United visual elements and string graphical representation are essential to the virality and popularity of a campaign.
No one likes to share a dimly lit, badly framed design. But once you treat your campaign like a brand; unify the message, simplify the action and amplify the visuals.
Very few if any campaigns that are not minimalist in their approach and visuals have echoes long enough.
Hashtags have that power.
They are not intricate logos with swords and subtitles, nor drawings of trees and emblems.
They don’t need explanations nor a amendments. Simple and self explanatory (the hashtag itself is a digital revolution).
Think… Swiss design.
I Am Not Naked, I'm stripping for Jackie

I Am Not Naked, I’m stripping for Jackie

4- The pace at which campaigns viral then die is alarming; from websites crashing due to massive traffic to a bare 3 hits a day for a the keyword in 24hrs. This may be something for the marketers; but i do believe that some entrepreneurial/private sector spirit in NGOs, campaigning & causes would help vamp up the scene. just something to keep in mind
5- The Lebanese diaspora is very supportive of “liberal” & “secular” Lebanon. Very supportive.
I’m sure there are more…
If you would like add any let me know 😉
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