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The fake scandal of “Chastity”

February 11, 2014

Update, Feb 12: #StripForJackie has really kicked off alot of cloth [Storify Link]

Jackie Chamoun and Alexandre Mohbat, alpine Athletes from Lebanon make it to the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Since the Lebanese Media is so blindfolded to any talents besides the ramblings of war-lords toddlers, they had to run a Google search to find out more about our Olympics team joining Sochi for the evening news. The search revealed a 2 year old photoshoot for a ski calendar with same topless shots for Jackie, which evidently became more important than the lack of government for two years, lack of water infrastructure, electricity, trash, bombings, domestic abuse, unemployment, corruption and rape of the country as a whole! (poor Alexandre is barely gets media attention for his talent since he has no “boobs”)

Lebanon @ Sochi2014

While we criticize an athlete for her talent we invite and host Carlos Slim hoping he drops a few pennies from his tycoon pocket, then give a medal of honor to Rima Fakih for becoming Miss USA, even though she pole dances, but being american makes that cool. We loath success and harness down talent with claws of steel, because we can’t bare to admit that we are a country of mediocre minds that have long dwindled into the dark ages of hell.

Tony Khalife you should be ashamed of yourself. Joe Maalouf, well, no need to say much there. Our Ministers, Lol, what a disgrace, we don’t even have a government, so shut up and get busy patching your asses, again and again

I am #JackieChamoun – (I wish I had the courage to strip in support.) and I’m #NotAMartry

Olympics Committee in Lebanon Orders Withdraw of Jackie from the Olympics for her Nude Photoshoot.
Instead of claiming the right to withdraw them from the Sochi 2014 Olympics, how about funding them for a change:
“Apart from a one-month training camp in Argentina, he has to fund the cost of training himself. “My father pays for nearly everything. Our federation does not have a lot of means and I don’t blame them. How can they help me if they don’t even have any money?” (, 05 Feb 2014)” – Alexandre Mohbat [link]

Jackie “She would like to increase the popularity of skiing in Lebanon. “When you see our past results, it’s not really encouraging. In the future I would like to have plans for sports in Lebanon and for skiing and to try to put in place facilities to encourage young people and to have the funds to influence authorities to invest themselves in the sport. We can do a lot to improve the level.” [link]

If the Lebanese (non)Government decides to withdraw Jackie from the #Sochi2014 Olympics the community should fund their stay there!

What a shame, the world is celebrating and encouraging their athletes and all we do is criticize.

Words can’t describe my outrage at this whole shitty fiasco!
What God are you ashamed of in having a women’s boobs exposed?
What God would still look at your shitty faces when people are starving and dying of corruption while you unleash hell at a woman not obeying your dictated sins!
Since when was Lebanon a country of chastity?
Since when were we advertised by the Ministry of tourism as anything but a country of whore?
When did the Virgin last trek our soil!
The Vegas of the Middle East, and yet war lords have the nerve to dictate the laws of a game long dethroned.

Alexandre and Jackie’s calendar is below:

Alpine Skiing - Sochi 2014 Olympics
Stay tuned, wish them luck and support them, if not to win, but to represent with pride the people who actually love this country and want it’s growth (not the whores the rules it)!
P.S. deserve the backlash; this is just disgusting! Facebook Jackie Chamoun
This also reminds me of a:
My life is not Black nor White – حياتي مش أسود أو أبيض
Lebanese Tourism; What it should be
Don’t strip for us: A great cause, A bad idea.
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  1. February 11, 2014 8:54 pm

    When Lebanon itself posted an ad in Playboy, no one is in a place to criticize Ms. Chamoun!

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