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This Trashy Situation

January 23, 2014

Sukleen now has facebook and twitter! A little late social bloomers since their mobile app has been out forever, Dec 2012, to be exact. Coincidentally they launched their social media campaign trying to clean their hands from the trashy fiasco we are going through.

Trash Collects in Beirut

Let’s review some things:

Naameh, under developed area, internet is not the great, weary roads, illegal houses and big mess altogether (just like a lot of other places in the cross-fire of politics)
Those upset about suffering from the current dumpsters residing in the streets because the people of Naameh would like to not live next to the trash of others. (you poop it, you smell it!)

The people of Naameh don’t need excuses for their strike, living next to a dumpster is not sanitary, humane nor acceptable to anyone. Only two days of trash collecting in Beirut and the people were yapping their heads off. Let alone living like that for good!

and maybe we’ll pay some respect for the workers cleaning up after your disrespectful demeanor trashing the streets!

Instead of nagging, how about you separate your trash! Less mess = less odor.

Decrease waste! Carry a grocery basket / bag; i’m sorry if that offends your prestigious shopping outfit!
Reuse! Do you really need a brand new leather pen holder?
And push SUKLEEN to actually RECYCLE like they claim they do!

  • Collect your glass bottles and send them SoLiver (only takes white/transparent glass) or Cedar Environmental (all colors of glass); and recycles them for the GGRIL initiative (not only getting rid of glass waste, but reviving the glass manufacturing in a generation where there is no respect for hand craft!)
  • Collect your paper and send it to TERRE Liban; that is only the paper you need to have anyway! With 36% of Lebanese owning smartphones (March 2013), do you really need a paper map, business cards, printed tickets? printed emails!
  • Collect your plastic bottle caps and drop them off at ArcEnCiel’s offices (9 of them!) or event better; take the initiative and host one of their boxes in your office/school/community and help out! Every ton buys a wheelchair for a person in need. All it takes is a twist of a cap and an ounce of humanity!
  • Plastic bottles? separate them in a different bag
  • Organic Waste? Easy, every heard of home-made Compost? Basically this is the process of turning your green waste (fruit and vegetable skins, leaves, twigs, etc) into fertile additive to vegetative soil. We live in a very “green” country after all, no?
    Here are a few resources: Composting at Home, What can i put in my compost bin, Understand the process
  • Got some old laptops, phones, gadgets? Do you know that dumping them in a landfill will only poison the soil? Beeatoona NGO collects and re-purposes old gadgets, with DOZENS of collection points in Lebanon, you have no excuse to be lazy!

You can always do the lazy thing: Separate your trash into Paper, Glass, Tin, Plastic, Organic and dump the organic in the dumpster, while keeping the former on the side of the dumpster for the trash collectors that roam from dumpster to dumpster to collect recycle-able material to sell to recycling plants!

Some resources: (a whole lot more companies that recycle)
Legislation, education: That’s how you go green
Lebanon: What we need to know about electronic waste
Scrapping With the Big Boys Over Waste
and this brilliant brochure (don’t print to read!) by the Environment Ministry about Recycling [PDF]

مكب نفايات صيدا Saida Trash Pile – the beautiful sea view

Some reads:
The Community That Changed Lebanon By Battling Sukleen And The Government

and a generous show off the trash hills of our beloved Lebanon on display here

It is a shame that in 2014 when Sweden needs to buy garbage of other nations to fuel its energy, instead of scrambling on an oil field that will take years and blood to ever if even necessary to produce any electricity for us!

ما منغرق بالزبالة اذا ما منكون شعب زبالة!
We will only drown in trash if we are a trashy nation!

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