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What Arab?

January 9, 2014

We are here; still talking about a void arabism, a nostalgia to a memory of our grandparents, something we have never experienced, as we, a generation of the past 35 years, have lived in borders, within borders, with visas, with autocracy, with fear. We were told that this is the path and all other is treason. We were left to chose our cloth, only modestly; we were left to experience life, only conservatively. Refrain from cursing, drinking, experimenting; refrain from sin. Learn from others and never go too far from home, except for a “western” nationality.

To those that have preceded:
YOU have not learnt from the mistakes you continue to do
YOU have lived under autocracies and loved them
YOU sacrificed freedom for temporary security
YOU can’t preach on freedom, you don’t have the responsibility for it
YOU can preach, but i will get a tattoo and curse at those that deserve it:
Like you, the reason we are shattered and deluded.


This is not the Arab World, this is just a bunch of geographically connected countries that happen to speak a similar language. I still need a visa (your highnesses approval that i’m worthy to tip-toe on your sacred soil) to travel to all countries in the “Arab” world. A trip to Egypt costs me more than a trip to Turkey; one to Algeria costs me even more than one to Barcelona! There is no way for me to visit my friends across the “arab world” without waiting in queues for permissions and selling a kidney to afford the flights.

My age is another obstacle, how dare I, a woman under 30, claim that i have the right to obtain a visa without confessing to lewd intentions! A society so deluded of sex. Unfortunately we have managed to portray a miserable image of the region, one of sexually agitated youth, naïve and mediocre.

The Arab League. Aka; the hypocrites that sold the land we stand on to world powers, that bargained on our resources, youth and future? The same bunch of crumbling misers that have reigned since the “declaration” of these lousy borders that confine us! (And since we lost Palestine) – may they all go to hell.

I want less visas and more jobs.
I want less suspicion and more education
Less censorship, but more accountability
Less accusations, more freedom!

I am a woman that speaks Arabic as my mother tongue, english as my second. I live in this region and love it. I hate autocracy, and love freedom. Like millions, i want to stay here, because it’s home!

I went less people to feel this:

and more of them to feel like they can agree with this:

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  1. January 10, 2014 8:56 am

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for voicing your frustration and sharing those amazing videos, wish there were more people like you. Hope you get to make a positive change. All the best

  2. Indigo Etc. permalink
    January 28, 2014 12:00 pm

    I agree :/

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