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Khaled Al Grandoise

January 6, 2014

You’ll only need to watch about 2 minutes – which in short say; “The prophet (no PBUH) visited my father the day I was to be born and announced me to him, so don’t bother threatening me, I’m deemed for great things”

His mania is not new; NowLebanon: خالد الضاهر: “النبي محمد” بشّر والدي بأنني سأصير رجلاً مهمًّا Trans: Khaled Al Daher; “Prophet Mohammed” told my father that I will be an important man”

Diagnosis: Delusional Disorder; specifically Grandiose delusions (GD) (or delusions of grandeur), usually connected to Mania and Bipolar Disorders. or Megalomania “is a psychopathological disorder characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence”

So here are a few references to help the poor dude out:
Medical Institute for Neuropsychological Disorders (MIND) [website]
Nawfal Clinics [website]
Beirut Mood Clinic [website]
and a whole directory here:

Khaled Al Daher; from

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