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شهداء طرابلس – Martyr’s of Tripoli

August 23, 2013

Yet another bomb to incite a war and more souls that didn’t deserve to go. I will try my best to get the names and some stories on those that have passed today in Tripoli, the news sources and even social media from Tripoli seems to be more difficult to track that Dahyieh though.

[View the story “#TripoliExplosion August 23” on Storify]

The current death toll is at 14-19 #RIP, I hope it doesn’t rise. [Update: the final count for the victims of the two explosions is 45]

1. Fares Jaber فراس جابر [source]

 فراس جابر - Fares Jaber

فراس جابر – Fares Jaber

2-4, Mohammed Ahmad Turki Aabous , Bahaa and Amina Ahmad Said Aabous [source]

5. Haytham AlSaleh, from Souq AlAtareen [source]
الشهيد هيثم الصالح من سوق العطارين

6. Abdelhadi Alnather
عبدالهادي الناظر

7. Tarek Sharbak
طارق شربك

8. Haytham Omar AlQarhani
هيثم عمر القرحاني

9. Jawad Albiqai
جواد البقاعي

10. Zeina AlSayyed Mahmoud, from Harba
الحاجة زينة السيد محمود من حربا [source]

11.  Ahmad Ghamrayoui
احمد غمراوي [source]

 احمد غمراوي Ahmad Ghamraoui Tripoli Explosion martyr

احمد غمراوي

12. Izdehar Mohammed Fatfat [source]
إزدهار محمد فتفت

13. AbdelKarim AlNathir [source]
عبدالكريم الناظر

14. Zakaria Ghazi AlShaarawi [source]
زكريا غازي الشعراوي

15. Amir Albiqa’i
امير البقاعي

16. Nizar Sabha – Soldier
الجندي نزار صبحه

17. Khalil Aboot
خليل قبوط

18. Mohammad Abdelrazaq Siouf [source]
محمد عبدالرزاق السيوف

19. Saad Ezzat Kabbara [source]
سعد عزّت كبارة

20. Fawzi Braies
فوزي بريص

21. Mohammed Abdulrahman Khudair, Asoun Aldinye
محمد عبدالرحمن خضير, عاصون الضنية

22. Ahmad Fouad Mohammed Sablbel
أحمد فؤاد محمد سبلبل

23. Mohammed Ahmad Jdeideh, Mashha – Akar
محمد احمد جديدة, مشحا عكار

24. Tarek Shrikki
اﻟﺸﯿﺦ ﻃﺎرق ﺷﺮﯾﻜﻲ

25. Mona Haidar
ﻣﻨﻰ ﺣﯿﺪر

A list of people injured at one of the hospitals in Tripoli. Hoping them all a fast recovery
اسماء الجرحى في الانفجارين
من مشفى الشفاء في ابي سمراء!/story.php?story_fbid=500234363398972&id=361232350632508&__user=509762320

Update 26-August-2013:
Death toll final at 42, May God bless the souls of those that have passed. It was a crazy weekend with carton boxes becoming the target of Bomb Squats, paranoia is driving the country mad. While we are busy playing hide-and-dismantle with objects around the country, what will be happening next?

Tripoli Explosion

Tripoli Explosion

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