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Dahyieh Explosion – wordless

August 16, 2013

No words can describe yesterday’s explosion in Dahyieh, Beirut being targeted day in and out. I will not analyze the excuses, prerequisites and consequences. The loss of lives is not an occasion for finger pointing, it is a time of mourning. The words and “opinions” of people in the digital space are filled with hate, those in pain and those in joy likewise. I keep betting on humanity, It seems i will be broke very soon.

Mashrou’ Leila have never failed to speak to my heart and this speaks right to the core of today’s pain.

[View the story “Dahyieh Explosion” on Storify]


I’m trying to gather the names of those that have passed in the explosion, I hate that every time souls are degraded to numbers and rarely if ever we get the chance to take a moment, see that humans are humans everywhere, they have faces, name, parents, children and lives just like you and me. Maybe then we would start to cherish human lives more than counting tickers.

The current toll debates 22 -24:
شهداء تفجير الضاحية الجنوبية في بيروت

1. Mohammad Safa, accountant at Al Nahhar newspaper.
Born 1979, Married with 2 children, from Maifadoun [source]
محمد صفا من ميفدون

2. Afif Daher, from Kfar Rouman
Whose wife is still being hospitalized [source]
عفيف ضاهر من كفر رمان

3. Batoul Deeb, 18, from AlKhiyyam [source]
بتول ديب من الخيام

4. Issam Nahle, from Al Tayybe [source]
عصام نحلة من الطيبة

5. Moussa Karout, from Mais Al Jabal [source]
موسى خليل قاروط من ميس الجبل

6-8. Hassan Ramadan, his wife and daughter, from Jwaya [source]
حسن رمضان وزوجتة وابنته من جويّا

9. Hussein Ali Moussa Ghamloush from Chakra [source]
Hussein lives in Canada and was in Lebanon for his wedding. [source]
حسين علي موسى غملوش من شقرا

10. Rania Mohammed Hashimi, Alrassoul Hospital [source]
رانيا محمّد حشيمي – مستشفى الرسول الأعظم

11. Dawoud Hadraj, Alrassoul Hospital [source]
داوود حدرج – مستشفى الرسول الأعظم

12. Nada Shehab, Alrassoul Hospital [source]
ندى شهاب – مستشفى الرسول الأعظم

13. Hamad AlMiqdad, Mt Lebanon Hospital [source]
حمد المقداد – مستشفى جبل لبنان

14. Hussein Mohammed Beydoun [source]
حسين محمّد بيضون – مستشفى جبل لبنان

15. Hussam Ali Nssr, Kfarseer [source]
حسام علي نسر من كفرصير

16 -17. Two members from the Hassno Family (Syrian refugees, moved to Lebanon one year ago) Mother and toddler. Rest of the family, Father and son (9yrs old), are being hospitalized. Al Sahil Hospital [source]
عائلة حسنو السورية، لجؤو الى لبنان منذ سنة، استشهدت الام وطفلها الرضيع
يبقى في المستشفى الاب وابه شادي حسنو، 9 سنوات
مستشفى الساحل

18. Mohammad Jaber from Nabatieh, محمد جابر من النبطية [source]

Two men and a one year old girl, unidentified, at Alrassoul Hospital
5 individuals, unidentified, at Al Sahil Hospital
1 unidentified body at St. Theresa Hospital

Stories of survivors and injured  can be read here [arabic]

Many more are missing:
Mohammad Jaber from Nabatieh, محمد جابر من النبطية — found deceased at the scene
Jad Ali Jaafar, جاد علي عابد جعفر
Mohammad Mhaidly, محمد محيدلي
Saleh Abbas and his three children: Mariam, Mohammad and Malak, صالح عباس و 3 من أولاده وهم: محمد ومريم وملاك

Update: Interior Forces arrest suspects who confess to committing the bombing as well as the series of bombs that have taken place since May 2013.


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