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Sun, Beach and Poop

June 10, 2013

I have been to the beach more than 7 times so far this summer (i started going very early May), and each time i escape as far away from Beirut as possible to run away from the stinky water closer to the capital, but it seems that’s still not good enough

” 300 مليون ليتر من مياه المجارير الخام تصب في البحر يومياً.” –

300Million Liters of sewage is dumped at sea DAILY!!!

The most polluted beaches are Ramleh ElBayda and Antelias – Dbayeh, with 10x the allowed bacterial populations. Saida and Tripoli have a decrease in pollution since 2007 and are within the acceptable range, but still borderline toxic.


Sewage treatment plants in Lebanon:

  • Saida and Ghadir, both South [working partially]
  • Tripoli, Chakka, Byblos, Jiyeh and Batroun [ready not connected to the sewage system yet]
  • Tyre [ready but no disposal point yet]

Kesserwan – plans for two plants in Adma & Zouk
Sarfand – planned but no funding
Burj Hamoud – planned, funded 15 years ago, but doesn’t exist.

Jiyeh and Batroun seem to be the best places to swim, i’m leaning towards heading to Nakoura, far away from the whole population as possible!

Enjoy the summer? E3.

Daily Star: Lebanon’s beaches swimming with waste
Fassad Book: مجلة “البيئة والتنمية” تفحص التلوث في مياه المسابح البحرية اللبنانية: في انطلياس – ضبيه والرملة البيضاء أكثر من 10 أضعاف المسموح

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  1. June 10, 2013 1:54 pm

    its too late bro they fucked up already! i use to surf! now i swim in my bath tub! and if if if i go to the beach i spray my self with the hose!

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