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يوم التحرير ٢٥ آيار – Liberation Day 25 May, 2013

May 25, 2013

Today marks the day of an important event in Lebanese History, Liberation Day, May 25, 2000. I can never get over that day, watching the TV from abroad with disbelief, awe and tears rolling down my eyes in grandeur of the yells of people returning home.
But today it’s different. Today 13 years later, the same party that led the liberation of the south of this beloved country, has disgustingly indulged in the decaying authority of the Lebanese political system. That same group in my eyes and the eyes of many Lebanese has ideologically committed suicide.

25 May 2000 Liberation Day, South Lebanon, ٢٥ ايار ٢٠٠٠ يوم تحرير جنوب لبنان

This day dawns, i look at the videos, the photos and hear the cries of joy, and i all i can feel is agony and pain over hope that has been buried 6 feet under with the souls of those lost in May 7 Beirut “mini-war”, the dozens dying to “save” Syria’s ally, and the even more painful: those dying in “individual incidents” on different days because someone can just pull out a revolver and end it. because that revolver is available and because their manhood is now attached to it.

I don’t entirely blame them, Lebanon has never been fully ruled by the government; but that’s for a longer-other post. Let’s stick to today.

Today, I’m in mourning over Liberation Day. today, Liberation Day is yet another “Independence Day”, independence? from whom? Liberation? to what?

I pray there is hope left in our bodies to take this country home, wounded as it is, yet with blood pumping through its veins. I pray.

بعيدك يا جنوبي بحزن.


يوم التحرير ٢٥ آيار – Liberation Day 25 May

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