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Death is not a Tragedy

May 8, 2013

This morning I open my facebook timeline to see this:

“The greatest tragedy of life is not death. It’s what dies within us while we’re still alive.”

A nice bit of morning wisdom… ofcourse who ever wrote this did not witness the Baniyas Massacre, Syria, yesterday, nor Hams, Qana, and ofcourse not a single day in Gaza.
Then a friend share’s a photo from “Campaign of Exposing Israeli Crimes via Social Media’s Page” showing Jewish children being taught how to use artillery by an older man, a crime? I was a tomboy all my life, i loved toy guns, i remember mimicking counter-strike in college between design studio lockers and cabinets with foam boards cut in “L” shaped “hand guns” … I would never hold a real gun for hunting ( a popular sport ), i would be too scared to hurt anyone, let alone take away the soul of a human being, it’s too much of burden to ever imagine living with. But boys love their toys… Bigger boys like their toys more than younger ones though:

boys like their big toys weapons children apartheid childhood

boys like their big toys. [source1] [source2]

and now the morning message made more sense … these young boys being killed on the inside day-in day-out, we are building a generation of zombies. What humanity have we left in their souls to enjoy life, love others, feel compassion, or appreciate anything.

When we put guns in hands of children, we say that they are mature and capable to decide who lives and dies. When we accept this concept, we declare that death tolls of children are not more tragic than those of adults; that they are one and the same and the the hundreds of pictures of children massacred yesterday at Baniyas [Google search Baniyas Massacre]  for me to are those of fighters, not innocent souls.

I plead to the world to keep the innocence in those little boys eyes, take them away and teach them to dance, sing, paint, fish, play football, karate, but not pistols.

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