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Sectarianism 0 – 1 Lebanon #CivilMarriage

April 26, 2013

The title sort of sucks, but as i have mentioned countless times before, the latest “fatwa” by Qabbani has no religious justification and comes with a sexy bank account, also it plays on the current re-formation of the Islamic Council, which is highly debated.

Bye Bye Cyprus, Hello Civil Lebanon!

@SleimanMichel  مبروك تسجيل زواج ... - Twitter

@SleimanMichel مبروك تسجيل زواج … – Twitter


Lebanon’s first civil marriage registered
توقيع أول عقد زواج مدني في لبنان
الزواج المدني الأول في لبنان باي باي قبرص
بتوقيع وزير الداخلية.. أول زواج مدني رسمي في لبنان
Historique : le premier mariage civil du Liban officialisé

Thank you Marwan Charbel? Not Yet: شربل: تركت مجالا للطعن بعقد الزواج المدني ولن اتردد بتنفيذه بحال حصل – Charbel has left room for withdrawal ..

But ofcourse the fiasco of retaliation has awaken this morning as well:

انتقادات سُنية لتوقيع وزير الداخلية اللبناني أول عقد زواج مدني “Sunni” Critics of the first Civil Marriage signed by the Ministry of Interior

مديرالأوقاف الإسلامية فى لبنان: إقرار الزواج المدني وضع “أول إسفين” في ضرب شرع الله Islamic Awqaf Manager: Approving Civil Marriage is a stab in God’s Sharia


As the country is being dragged into an unwelcome sectarian divide and we approach a maybe-elections in June, I would like to quote Rayess Bek: “If we marry from each other, maybe just maybe, we might begin to love each other” [video link]

Meanwhile, this group on Facebook is keeping my hopes up with its great stories, photos and love!

This will be one heated weekend that’s for sure!

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