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Is Israel trying to hide its Racism with a “darker” Beauty Queen?

April 1, 2013

Miss Israel 2013: Yityish Aynaw

Miss Israel 2013: Yityish Aynaw

Miss Israel 2013: Yityish Aynaw

The latest Miss Israel, Ethiopian-born Yityish Aynaw, says it’s about time a black woman wore the crown

What Ethiopians have been actually going through in Israel:
Israel’s Ethiopian Birth Control Story Reflects A Broader Problem
Israel’s Disgustingly Racist Behavior Towards Ethiopian Jews
Israeli Jewish hate rally against Africans in Tel Aviv caught on video as Haaretz deletes article about it
Israel, Stop Discriminating Against Black Jews of Ethiopian Descent
and as most Israel criticizing news, alot of the articles have been deleted:

The search query

The search query

The Page

The Page

Just an observation.

Disclaimer: this article does not intend to say that Lebanon is a non-racist state, if you have reached this end of the article and concluded that, then you must read again.

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