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February 13, 2013

Congratulations! (actually half a congratulations not a full one)
So the Judiciary Council approved the marriage of Nidal and Kholoud, but Marwan Charbel still needs to sign it for the seal to be final. It seems everyone in the country is pro-civil marriage but trying to through the ball of blame to other people’s lap.

Al-Akhbar: خلود ونضال ينتصران: زواج مدنيّ لبنانيّ
NowLebanon: Lebanese judicial council approves civil marriage
Annahar: الرئيس سليمان: الزواج المدني يفتح الطريق امام قيام الدولة المدنية العصرية
AbirGhattas: Marwan Charbel Will Not Sign On Khouloud and Nidal’s Wedding Contract
ElNashra: علماء عكار: سنسعى لمنع إقرار الزواج المدني حرصا على السلم الأهلي
Alrai Media: الزواج المدني في لبنان يشق طريقه بـ «شق النفس»
Cedar News: تطور جديد في ملف الزواج المدني

Where Charbel is now:

Annahar: شربل ل” النهار” : لن اوقع عقد زواج مدني قد يتعرض للطعن
ElNashra: شربل: المشكلة تكمن في عدم وجود قانون ينظم الطلاق والارث بالزواج المدني

Ironically the Civil status law has been rotting in the drawers of the cabinet since Rafik AlHariri was in Mikati’s shoes, and since then the majority of the government voted pro and still it was decided to put it aside till a later date, maybe a another decade, or two. another country or two.

Civil Marriage in Lebanon Infographic by @NicocoHayek

Is declaring love and dedication to another person for a marital relationship infront of the law and God and the people, regardless of the corruption of the religious institutes a sin?
Or is it a sin to take charity money to buy and X5 and property?

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