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Mikati, Civil Marriage is a majority! [Polls and Numbers]

January 26, 2013

I ran a poll on the LebaneseVoices Page (& through the last post) last week with the rise of the civil marriage question at the time, which didn’t end so nicely.

Poll + Results: [182 respondents]

Civil Marriage…
49.4% – I’m with civil marriage and want to get married via civil law [+ I’m with it, did it]
29.1% – I’m with civil marriage as optional, each person has the right to choose
6% – I’m with civil marriage but don’t know if i would do it personally [+I’m with it, but wouldn’t do it]
1.1% I don’t know
11.5% I’m against civil marriage
1.1% I’m with religion as the main legislator of personal status laws.
0.5% Go to Cyprus!

Number Crunching
People who are with civil marriage as optional are almost the same as those that are pro civil marriage but unsure they would undergo it personally, therefore 29.1 + 6 = 35.1%  , and that really adds [+49.4% who wish to have civil marriage or already did] up to:

84.5% who are with allowing civil marriage in Lebanon

People against civil marriage are almost the same as those that wish to keep religion as the main legislator:

12.6% against allowing civil marriage

Proportional, Orthodox, OMG, 60-40, whatever voting mechanism you want… the results are evident.
But maybe 182 respondents on one page are not enough… next:

‎‎-Take Back Parliament إسترجعوا البرلمان-

also asked a question:

هل انتم مع قانون أحوال شخصية مدني؟ – Are you with a Civil Personal Status Law?
Poll + Results: [49 respondents]
93.6% – Yes
6.4% – No

Still not convinced? More to come…
I dream of Lebanon (another FB page) also polled it’s 400,ooo+ fans.

I dream of Lebanon

Poll + results: [10,603 respondents]
62.1% – Yes
30.2% – No
7.7% – I am not sure

But still a law that allows people to love, mix and decrease sectarianism would confuse the hell of our electoral laws for the government and therefore to protect their majesties parliamentary seats, civil marriage has been scratched of the last meeting and shelved yet again! Because “Mikati [sees] debate on civil marriage useless in face of political paralysis”  and to that i say: Dear @Najib_Mikati, it’s my right to get married in the country that i pay taxes to, not its religious institutes. I’m Lebanese not a Sect. 

It’s sad when a country needs to produce such a video to re-remind its citizens what their nationality is. Are you Lebanese first and foremost?


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