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Welcome to the Jungle: So Lebanon didn’t get “civilized”

January 21, 2013

I wrote a small scenario of what would probably happen after last week’s civil marriage attempt, but didn’t publish it. Here it is:

Possible consequences of approval of the couple’s, below, marriage. We may need a new sect declaration since everyone will be gladly scratching their sects off, who and how will the (un)”orthodox” law work to represent those that don’t follow the convenient sectarian divides? 7illa ba2a Otv!
The likelihood that the “lords” will shoot themselves in the foot with such an approval, my opinion ofcourse, is not a chance!

Today’s headlines:
NowLebanon: Lebanon first civil marriage not approved, minister says
Alhadass:  سليمان يدعو إلى قوننة عقد الزواج المدني …الداخلية: الطلب مردود ولن يُبتّ إيجاباً
Plus961: Lebanon’s first civil marriage not approved

Unfortunately, as expected. The marriage didn’t go through. Surprise! I hope the couple had already booked their tickets to Cyprus.

It was still a step forward anyway that triggered quite some chats on the twittosphere and facebook, especially with Michel Sleiman publicly addressing the civil marriage idea.

President @SleimanMichel and Civil Marriage

President @SleimanMichel and Civil Marriage

Lebanese Civil Marriage via Cyprus

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What are your thoughts on Civil Marriage?

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