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Nicolas Sehnaoui: Between Democracy and Bad Social Media

December 11, 2012
Sehnaoui Facebook Survey ISF

Nicolas Sehnaoui’s poll survey of whether to hand over Telecom data to the ISF (Internal Security Forces)

Between democratic participation and just outright wrong use of social media, this falls under very very bad use of social media. Such a sensitive topic that balances the privacy and security of a country is not a polling matter, nor a political campaigning stunt matter! I know the elections are knocking on the door minister, but this is not how to look like a smart candidate!

More on the topic:

Electronic Freedom Frontiers (EFF): Data Request from Lebanese Security Agency Sparks Controversy
Naharnet: Report: Intelligence Bureau Rejects Settlement between Charbel, Sehnaoui over Telecom Data
ElNashra: صحناوي: سيتم تسليم حركة الرسائل النصية القصيرة من دون المضمون
NowLebanon: صحناوي: سنسلّم حركة الـ SMS من دون المضمون
NowLebanon: صحناوي: تسليم داتا الاتصالات يتناقض مع الدمقراطية

Poll link: 
Votes so far: 2,846 N0  &  7,812 Yes (Ofcourse the post is sponsored/promoted) Total: 10,664
Comments: 314 – below is a screenshot of some of them — i tried to get a glimpse of some variations: 

Comments on the poll by Nicolas Sehnaoui

Comments on the poll by Nicolas Sehnaoui

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