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Smoking Law #174

September 4, 2012

” Law 174 – No Smoking Lebanon ” facebook page has already amassed 3,900+ fans!
The official government portal for tobacco control: National Tobacco Control Program
AUB’s Tobacco Control Research Group

Smoking Ban Law #174 Lebanon

Smoking Ban Law #174 Lebanon

Overview on the Smoking Laws in Lebanon and the world on, where you can download the law draft in English and Arabic(original) with copies of Law No. 394/95 issued in 1995 about smoking, last years’ initial ban (Law No. 174, Tobacco Control and Regulation of Tobacco Products’ Manufacturing, Packaging and Advertising) and the latest draft issued on January 2012, Decree No. 7437. 

Unlike what most people presume, the law primarily deals with packaging, promotion, advertising & distribution of tobacco, which has caused a streak of outrages from the tobacco industry which is turn is fueling others.

The restaurant syndicate “sponsored” a study that was carried out by Ernest & Young on the aftermath of restricting smoking indoors on the tourism & restaurant industry, which concludes to request amending 2% of the current law: providing licenses to venues that wish to have smoking indoor premises.

Tobacco Control Legislation Lebanon Ernest & Young

Tobacco Control Legislation Lebanon Ernest & Young

Tobacco Control Legislation Lebanon

Tobacco Control Legislation Lebanon

So you want licenses to allow smoking indoors … Ok. But most indoor spaces have really bad ventilation, ever noticed the “foggy” nights at cafes?
I realize this law is quite abrupt for a country where smoking is still a full industry, from people selling it on the side corners, at bars/pubs and smoking being permitted in almost every space of the country.
Smoking bans/regulations are a matter of controversy and uprise every time a law is passed anywhere in the world; Smokers are addicts, addicts are usually angry.

The Aftermath, September 3:
Blog Plus961: Cafe owners protesting for their arguileh
LBC: Antelias restaurants out of service in protest of smoking ban law
NowLebanon: “اللواء”: نقابة أصحاب المطاعم تقدم اليوم اقتراحاً لتعديل قانون منع التدخين
لبنان: اليوم بدء تطبيق قانون منع التدخين في الأماكن العامة …أصحاب المطاعم يقابلونه باعتصام وحملة للمكافحة انطلقت

العريس: 600 مؤسسة بين مقاهي وأماكن سهر ستقفل بسبب قانون منع التدخين

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