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Bling – $3.4M Car to be manufactured in Lebanon

August 2, 2012

Update: First M-Motors prototype to be launched at Qatar‘s motorshow Jan 29, 2013. The LykanHypersport 2013 will be taking orders at the Qatar show, however less expensive ($1.4M) models will be released later in the AbuDhabi Motor Show in November 2013.

لبنان يطلق أغلى سيارة في العالم – Lebanon Launches the most expensive car in the world

Ralph Dabbas, the founder of W Motors, says the first series of  hyper-sport & super-sport cars is set to be launched next December in Dubai, the bling on the lights are made of diamonds or precious stones, the interiors are replace with diamond/platinum, Screens in the car provide virtual hologram and interactive features. The price of the car will be $3.4Million.  (the bat mobile is here!)

The launch will include 5 hyper sport cars and 25 super sport cars

W Motors ]  –  [ facebook ]

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W Motors  - worlds most expensive car diamonds hologram platinum gold 3.4M Lebanon

W Motors

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