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The Asallah, The Ego and The Ignorance

July 31, 2012

Talk about ignorance, self-indulgence and B.S! – Watch it all 

China is abusing the Syrian situation to draw some attention to itself, since it’s presence in so-so. (yes China!)

Syrian Artists with the regime are opportunistic low-lives.

Would be at the frontline of the revolution if she wasn’t pregnant (gave birth). Would be at the frontline if she doesn’t have a family to attend to (since others don’t).

I have never met a Syrian with the potential to kill and destroy. (but they are killing each other, are these external forces) no let me correct myself, they had inside them, but we never saw it – [eh 2ouleh heik minil awal] 

She wants mercy to Mubarak due to his old age (so she hates Bashar cause he’s young?)

Bahrain revolution is not justified. I’m honored by my relations with the royal family (and honorary passport). I don’t understand it, we didn’t understand it. [uhm…]- But is with the revolution in Syria because it’s righteous and what the people want

Justification in credits: I was hasty in my replies and should think before talking – [maybe you shouldn’t talk?]

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