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Call for Protest – EDL

July 17, 2012

“EDL striking workers press conference in response to Aoun’s thugs attack on their sit-in” متؤمتر صحفي لمياومي شركة كهرباء لبنان المعتصمين استنكاراً للإعتداء المسلح عليهم

Yes, It is Bassil’s fault, even more, it’s the whole governments’ fault!
Why hire over capacity at the institute to start with? Why accept “unwanted” positions?
Do you think you can get away with chucking out thousands of employees to the street, without alternatives in a crumbling economy, without consequences? Really?

Will these people who attacked the protestors be questioned? followed up with? Where are the female police officers? have they been snatched from their humanity in the making?  And is to be held for questioning, their political leader, the attackers, the police that were standing there doing nothing, or the Minister that is unresponsive to the escalating situation?

The electricity distribution is becoming more and more horrific by the day. In such a day and time of the 21st century, entire districts with no more than 4 hours of electricity a day is not acceptable, especially when there are mansions upon mansions of Lebanese warlords lit charge free, courtesy of EDL.

The worker’s demands may sound illogical on paper; full-time employment in positions that don’t exist. fair enough. But, these people were made false promises in return for “votes”, “loyalty”, “money”, “connections”, “power” & corruption, and those that made these trade-offs should be responsible for the livelihood of their families. Maybe Bassil should be paying their salaries from his own, until they find jobs, that sounds like a fair trade-off.

A Call for protest tomorrow starting between 7 – 8 am in front of the EDL building, Mar Mikhael, to all daily workers in Lebanon and others that are being bullied by the system. 

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