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Scandalous Topple & the Phoenician Port

July 3, 2012

Archaeologist Hisham Sayegh resigns from his duties after the demolition of the Phoenician Port. They change the name of Lebanon to Scandalous Nation!

There are more scandals of corruption in the Lebanese Government than in a years worth of Tabloid magazines! and still all is well and kicking! All the government can ever discuss is Syrian affairs (duh!), the weapons of Hizbollah, who gets what in which capacity and how much of the shares do they get in return …

Currently we have:

Gaby Lyoun Minister of Culture (or lack of it) - Lebanon

Gaby Lyoun Minister of Culture (or lack of it) – Lebanon – P.S. this is a big picture, download it, print, hang and aim rotten tomatoes from non-cooling fridges)

  • 11 kidnapped Lebanese in Syria by NO ONE KNOWS WHO! (other than hundreds that are still missing since the 90s)
  • A ridiculous electricity outage across the country (excluding central Beirut) that supplies each house with a maximum of 4 hours of electricity per day
  • Workers from the Electricity company on strike, with unmet demands (funny enough the Minister blames them for the outage, as if they run a carousel that powers the machines. Paradoxically, he says their employment is an excessive to the companies needs, if so, then their strike should not affect production … right?)
  • An outbreak of robberies and murders across the country
  • A peaceful protest that is blocking a many atrium to the South of Lebanon
  • Smuggling of weapons across the Lebanese-Syrian border that is causing casualties on weekly basis
  • A Ministry of Culture that signs off historical sites as insignificant to move forward towers and ugly buildings that pay for his corruption and self-esteem
  • A government that is split between the US and Iran (Hell & Satan) (disgustingly followed by the flock of the masses)
  • An economic inflation that no one can afford.. (except those getting paid to eradicate historical sites among other things of course)
  • Ministers that are competing on who has more twitter followers and facebook fans, because they are cool like that!!

And we wonder why the tourist are skipping Lebanon this summer … I’m wondering why the Lebanese are not skipping Lebanon altogether!

LibnanNews: Port phénicien de Beyrouth, le responsable des Fouilles Hisham Sayegh démissionne (the text of Hisham Sayegh’s resignation is in Arabic and French)
AlArabiyah News:  الخارجية السعودية تحذر رعاياها من السفر إلى لبنان

Dear Government, you’ve been failing around long enough … Isn’t it time for topple! Maybe by the people this time!

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