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Amal (Hope) أمل

July 2, 2012

Some Social Media channels have been online before the craze that was launched by Facebook, and then escalated with the Arab Revolts, like Youtube, and blogs, they weren’t so social back then, but have evolved to the recent standards pretty well!

Youtube is a rich ground for Lebanese Sectarianism, and Political Faction promotions because 1. It’s free 2. It keeps the Diaspora connected with the madness (you know it’s true!) 3. It stays!

Amal Movement - حركة امل

Amal Movement – حركة امل

Exhibit 1:

Amal Media – Youtube Channel, Ironically it’s in German … (wtf!)
موقع أفواج أمل |, brought to you by the one and only NabeehBerri! (well , at least according to the user!), well It’s ben up and running since 2007 and still active with over 3M views and 500 subscribers..

Exhibit 2:

Lebanese Forces Media (not by Samir Geagea!) online since 2008, with over 1k videos! and 3.3M views + 2K subscribes .. impressive dedication!
Lebanese Forces by JoeSixtyMan (i dunno if he means sexy…), 2007, 2M+ views & 1k plus subscribers

So dear KataebTV, you’re not that creative really .. they’ve been online way before you!

This is not a criticism of any kind, all the channels mentioned and more are equally as idiotic as the TV channels we watch in Lebanon every day, but i thought i would share with you this small observation of why we are going nowhere and there really is sadly any real hope left (not Amal, like the word, hope).

Disclaimer: this is not a criticism and it applies to everyone, yes, everyone! get over it!

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