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Lebanese Free-dom

June 23, 2012

Yes Free-dom not Freedom.

Case 1 – Tourism
Lebanese tourism is based on the nature that this country inherently holds, funds from the European Council and other countries that pay to maintain, support and sustain its natural beauty. How much does the government and people invest in the beauty of Lebanon and its magnificent nature? Not much. On the contrary the people invest quite well in destroying, polluting and ravaging everything.

Trash out of windows. Quarries demolishing mountains. Sewage at the Beach. Automobiles and Industrial exhaust, just to name the obvious… But our ENTIRE ECONOMY is based on tourism! Makes sense. No?

GreenPeace - Karantina Fire, April 2012

© GreenPeace – Karantina Fire, April 2012

Case 2 – Lebanese National Football
A bunch of young men with a passion for a game spent the past years playing at the national stadium, developing their skills, practicing and enjoying, for free. Playing on no wage, but getting paid a symbolic fee for winning friendly games…
But now that the team, who are mainly delivery boys and other random low-wage jobs in the days, has made it to the FIFA qualifications, for no real deficit on the governmental budget, the lebanese scene rampages the world if they lose a game or don’t play as well as the other teams that are made up of international players that do nothing but train train train!
Guess what we made it to the finals, for free! (and don’t bring up that 10M L.L because you know very well, they are neither sufficient nor a sustainable argument). – And ofcourse now it’s EuroCup season and everyone German, Italian, British, etc, far more than they were Lebanese two weeks back… off topic but had to be vented.

Lebanese National Football Team - ©FIFA AR

Lebanese National Football Team – ©FIFA AR , notice the German Flag in the back?

So… dear Lebanese, INVEST in your economy, we have a far larger potential of living through this cold economic breakdown if we decide to spend our money and time on the development of our economy.
maybe we need to INVEST in our football team for it to get better.
… and admit that our Free-dom will never lead us to freedom!

Maybe.. just maybe, if we invested in the potential of our youth, in our crumpling (or should i just say, NON existent) educational system, in the rich and diverse culture, in our strategic charismatic country .. just maybe, one day, a few decades down the line, we may become a country. just maybe. دولاب#

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