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Homosexuality Article in AUB’s Outlook Aftermath

May 4, 2012

Update; since the posting of this article the following posts have been published:

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NowLebanon; A Narrow Outlook on Gays
Alakhbar English; AUB paper’s homophobic rant sparks fury
And finally an official by AUB Outlook’s Editor-in-Chief, Lojine Kamel


The digital sphere may be a diverse and daunting space to mess with. After a student published “Viewpoint: Please me at any Price” an article about his experience with homophobia, a backlash at the article was quite evident in the digital space;

Hummus For thoughts: In Response to AUB Outlook’s Homophobic Article
“Homosexuality is not a thing, nor is it as choice. It is not a phenomenon, nor an event. It just is. It the same way as heterosexuality is both a form of love and of sex, so is homosexuality…
…As for morality, Mr. Mohamad is ill-placed to even mention the word. A society that discriminates based on gender, color or sexual orientation is an immoral society, and not the other way around.”

A Separate State of Mind: AUB Student Newspaper “Outlook” Publishes Article About Homosexuality
” …any psychologist who would be referring to homosexuality in the way that you are would be going against everything that he is taught, including the holy book of his domain: the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder). Homosexuality has been removed as a mental disorder from that book in its 2nd edition, back in 1971…
…the evolution argument you are using regarding homosexuality not “serving mankind any good,” makes it unnatural is invalid. What do you say about infertility then? The way I see it, Mr. Sibai, overpopulating the planet is not in the “natural” course of things. And if homosexuality was unGod-like and unnatural, evolution would have had it extinct by now…
…Starting May 27th, 1993, homosexuality was made legal in Russia. Your subsequent argument, Mr. Sibai, is invalid. A simple wikipedia search would have told you that.”

Tumblring, Ruba Abou Zeid: This has got to be the silliest essay ever!
“This whole article is completely ridiculous. With all due respect to the author, it had to be said. It relies on pure indoctrination and judgemental stereotypes while attempting to claim some sort of (scientific and objective) credibility…
…basically, a “secular” Lebanon is not equal to a “homosexual” Lebanon. Just like it is not equal to a “heterosexual”… And only those who do not understand what civil rights are, what they mean and their importance, use (deliberately or not) irrelevant sex arguments to oppose secularism.”

All is Fair in Love and War: Answer to AUB Outlook’s (I thought respected and educated) Homophobic Article
” …Homophobic people keep quoting the old testament, like stupid people laughed at the first man who discovered that the earth was round, and like racists considered colored people slaves. Each human condition has its time for a revolution. We are witnessing ours now…”

Gino Riady

Gino Riady – Facebook

Gino’s Blog: A Reply to Outlook’s Silly, Homophobic Article
“… Secular does not mean Lebanon becomes homosexual, secular means everyone is the same under law. It means no one can rape their wives because the sheikh said it’s ok. It means that people like you cannot have a say in the lives of others because it “insults” your own religion. I took the liberty of wikipedia-ing “secularity” for you, I hope you know how to read this…
…OH! “Holy” religions condem them?! (so, the other religions aren’t holy?)…”

Sometimes, it’s best to think, not just feel, before you write.

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  1. May 5, 2012 7:38 pm

    I’m happy the online community was active in responding to this.


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