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More than just “33 Days”

April 20, 2012

Reminds me of the countless construction/infrastructure attempts that happen in this country every day; Start with a big budget for renovating the highway from A to D, the commissioner for the contracting company who sub-sub contracts it to a 10th party, each of which takes a part of the dough, asks for a fortune (because he has the commissions of the 100 sub-contractors and the bribes confirmed in his calculations), by the time the work ends, the highway is neither renovated nor ready for use, potholes emerge in a week, the edges flop down, cracks on the first rain. (we can always pretend we are fixing it again, next elections)

News: : «33 يوم»: ليس بالضخامة وحدها تكرَّم المقاومة
العهد الإنتقاد: أبادي يشدد خلال افتتاح العرض الأول لفيلم “33 يوم” على تعزيز ثقافة المقاومة : سينما ABC وCity Mall تمنعان عرض فيلم عن المقاومة؟ بدء عرض الفيلم الإيرانى اللبنانى (33 يوم) فى 19 ابريل فى لبنان
السياسة: يوسف الخال يحصد “جنى العمر” في “33 يوم
Elnashra: دارين حمزة لهلا المرّ: “المقاومة لديها مبدأ والاسرائيليون بدون مبدأ”

the trailer: 

Although Yousef ElKhal sounds really charming while attempting to say “aneh” (South Lebanese accent to say the word “anah” which means “I”) he slips into the more natural “anah” on a few occasions. The movie is a lousy mixture of an extremist point of view, an attempt to tell multiple stories and exaggerate israeli madness. The stories that merge in the movie are very believable, you could probably drive down-south and find these people and their stories unfold to you, if not more, but the horrible production, lousy script, and boring plot is a complete insult to these stories. Rumor has it, a huge budget was set for this production … i wonder “where” it went.
Should an actor’s political inclination drift them into lousy productions? Karmen Lbous, Yousef ElKhal, Bassem Moughnieh, Pierre Dagher, Darine Hamzeh, Nisreen Tafish?

P.S. The name is a rip-off : (33 Days – by Mai Masri, 2007), an excerpt from the movieread the reviews.

Have you seen the movie? What do you think?

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