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My Dear Lebanese Government – Deaf you remain…

March 16, 2012

Have you ever had one of those calls with a PR agent on the other end, struggling to pronounce your name, obviously not knowing what you blog about, how the blogging community ticks, or the digital space functions, asking you to attend a workshop the Lebanese Government is launching a new campaign and would love to engage the bloggers in the Lebanese sphere in it? Well, i have, plenty of them.
The irony is, these workshops/meetings/sessions/etc are always in the MIDDLE of the week; Tuesday 10am, Friday 11am; assuming that people who blog don’t have job that sustains their living other than blogging (although that would be ideal), which is ofcourse absurd! Even more, rarely are they related to the topic of your blog… they are always based on some agenda the government has in mind, a new campaign that refuses to listen to the voice of the streets or the voices of the blogs.

I appreciate the effort. I really do. BUT, when will i get a phone call that says: “Hello, we would like to talk about our own corruption, would you be interested in meeting on a Sunday? We know it’s our day off, but we are willing to listen to your thoughts that you express in your protests on your days off, Sundays, as well.”

… sigh …


شو حقك - Beirut World Capital of Corruption

عزيزتي الدولة اللبنانية، الى متى تبقين صماء؟

ومتى تحضنينا كما تحضن الجدة بيروت
البحرالذي تلوثينه والهواء الذي تلوثينه
والحياة التي نسيتها
والأطفال التي اجهضتها
والقتل الذي تحتفلين به
حرب تتناسيها
فساد تخفيه
عمالة تنخر عظامك المهترئة
الى متى تبقين صماء؟
ام عمياء؟
ام كلاهما؟

عزيزتي الدولة اللبنانية،
عودي الى فراش سباتك
ودعينا نبني
شبه دولة شبه لبنانية

P.S. I know these agencies don’t read my blog and therefore i will still receive those calls.
[Coming soon: a post about the benefits of Breast Feeding – brought to you by LebGov]

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  1. March 19, 2012 5:06 pm

    حقنا ليرة!

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