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February 12, 2012

The situation in the Lebanese sphere has become unbearable and un tolerable on the syrian scale. what is happening in Syria is inHumane, illogical and unacceptable. It is not okay for masses to die in return for a presidential chair, power or anything. Killing is an unjustifiable act.

Syria. Bashar Al Assad.

What FutureTv refuses to tell you …
Bashar Al Assad came into presidency after decades of his father’s ruling and announced a new era of the Syrian country. Within the past decade of Bashar’s ruling the syrian economy has reached a great level of development, sustainability and prosperity. He created an independent economy that survived the economic crisises and international pressures, by having a clear and full economic plan and dedicated development efforts.
Education is Syria is free and is very well developed. Not just that, the Syrian education is dedicated to modernizing the arabic langage to meet the demands of the developing world.
Medical Care in Syria is free and available to the mass public.
Infrastructure: Electricity & Water, are available, with moderated rationing, and far advanced for country living the unstable axis of evil.
some people may think that these basics are normal human rights that should not be credited and i agree. This IS the job of the government. but if you are a person in the Middle East, especially Lebanon, you realize Human rights are an ideal, equivalent to world peace, democracy, etc.
The political party behind Future TV is only supporting the “revolution” in revenge of the regime and doesn’t care about the exponential death toll of Syrian citizens

What ManarTv doesn’t tell you…
Syria is a sectarian country run by an Allawite political group. Freedom of speech never existed in syria, nor in Lebanon when it was under syrian occupation.
Allawite’s in Syria are highly advantaged in comparison to other sects, minorities are also advantaged in a way that lead to un-equivalent development across the country, creating sectarian tension and sensitivities.
The Syrian occupation of Lebanon was at certain points worse than the Israeli occupation. There are still lebanese people missing in syrian prisons/mass graves ( really, no one knows where these people are ) and the syrian occupation did support the israeli occupation of Lebanon and Beirut.
The syrian regime is highly corrupt and controlling over the media and critical thinkers. think along the lines of  … China.
The political party behind Al Manar TV is only supporting the “regime” due to it’s alliance with Iran and anti-US countries and could care less about the death toll of Syrian citizens.

Why did the Syrian revolution happen?
A cry for freedom.
What is the Syrian revolution now?
Where is the Lebanese Support?

As a Lebanese you realize that whatever stance you take from the syrian revolution you will be labeled by the color of sect & region you come from.
My silence about the Syrian war is not a consent to what is happening. As a person that has been personally harmed by the syrian occupation; I loath the syrian regime. However, I cannot deny the development that Bashar Al Assad has brought to the country and I cannot deny that it is the right of the people to refuse this government that is far from the people in political freedom. But I don’t think this is a clean revolution, alot of external influence has infused into the lines of protestors, alot of chaos is erupting and many of those that preach about the revolution are sitting somewhere in a Hamra cafe sipping hot chocolate in the day and Almaza in the nights, talking, living, dancing and preaching; only preaching.

Why is there no Lebanese stance on the situation?
ManarTv vs. FutureTv

What should the people do?
Embrace the flood of people escaping the hell that’s breaking out across our neighboring country and help them with providing shelter, aid and whatever is necessary to support their needs and stand by their side as humans. neighbors.

What next?
No one knows. literally. no one.
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  1. February 14, 2012 3:05 am

    This is the first post about Syria that I read and agree with across the board. I have been avoiding expressing my opinion about the events in Syria precisely because things are far from clear cut, and the information, no matter where it’s coming from, seems distorted and filled with side-interests.
    At the same time it’s heartbreaking to see the death toll rise amidst a chaotic situation that seems far from approaching a healthy resolution.

    • February 16, 2012 1:17 pm

      It’s interesting how many people share the same view and still this has not made it into any media channel … ofcourse lebanese media is completely BS, which is exactly why … but it’s sad how to the international community we look so weak and un-waivering by the murders happening in syria!

    • March 10, 2012 9:49 pm

      Hi! I’m a french student and i’m interested in what happens in Syria and Lebanon now. I come to Lebanon in April. Where could i meet people to discuss about what happen and what they think of this? Thank you for this article… very interesting and rarely sincere!

  2. March 10, 2012 9:52 pm

    Reblogged this on rue.brique.

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