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November 2, 2011

So we had a little survey (facebook question) of Lebanese Voices facebook page:

Have you voted for Jeita? - Lebanese Voices

60% of those that answered (143 total) have voted for Jeita
36% don’t care or haven’t voted

Again, the post below express the opinion of several Lebanese fellows and myself, and is not a counter-campaign.

I heard that the Jeita advertising campaign has a budget of $140,000, anyone can verify or deny? That’s a nice sum of money for a “no-budget” government! [this information was shared on a social media site, i have no ground evidence to support nor deny it]

Blog roundup:

Beirut Spring – The Jeita Scandal Is The Gift That Keeps Giving
Beirutiyat  – جعيتا.. سأخون وطني
Patrick Galey  – For Jeita Grotto, I vote no-confidence in MPs
Gino’s Blog – N7W is a SCAM and Lebanon Should Pull Itself Out IMMEDIATELY


Vote for the Lebanese Society as the one and Only Wonder of the World! Why i won’t vote for Jeita Grotto as the Seventh Wonder of the World, of course you are free to disagree with me:

Jeita Grotto

Jeita Grotto ©Wikipedia

The Seven Wonders of the World, to start with, are not exactly the most accurate descriptive criteria to evaluate anything really; are they natural wonders, like Jeita, or man-made wonders, like the China Wall, the Pyramids, etc. As it seems alot of these wonders are man-made monuments of architectural awe (i don’t understand what the criteria really is to pick these wonders, but i don’t see how Jeita fits in anyway!), so to squeeze in a natural phenomena doesn’t do the grotto any justice. I really do hope that the seven wonders of the world would be picked by a qualified international jury that would give justice to the list rather than some international voting escapade.

For a view of the Seven Wonders of the World (by sane categories) check out: Wonders of the World

The governmental campaign: Vote4Lebanon, oh wait, there’s a song [youtube]! Really? If this was a fuel or electricity or even tomato crisis, i don’t believe such a budget would have existed! I don’t want to vote for Jeita i’d rather have 24/7 electricity or decent internet!
The “other” campaign: [this you have to see!]

*Insert encyclopedia of curse words*
You’ll wear an orange tie for three minutes?! Katir khayrak!
Miss Lebanon: You seem to have nothing to do with your days; offering all these people kisses is gonna take a long while to fulfill!
You won’t attack your political counterparts? Shi byirfa3 il rass wallah!
Maybe being a touristic guide in Jeita would have been a great idea anyway!
Kissing a cow on the lips?! WTF?!

Is anyone else offended by the BS is this video besides me!

I admit i have posted about the new7wonders voting so long ago i can’t find the post anymore on Lebanese Voices facebook page and tweeted about it, as a patriotic gesture, but i didn’t expect it to become an epidemic!

Jeita Grotto being on the NEW 7 wonders list (for those that have not yet noticed the name of the list) won’t really up our tourism, we have already been listed as the top cities for tourism in a few magazines, and we are only in November! [+ i’m sick and tired of us being so dependent on tourism but that’s for a different post]
Jeita Grotto’s revenue won’t save our crumbling economy, however some hard work and less wasting money on useless sms-ing would! Of-course, some government care, laws and actually work would be savior as well, but who are we kidding!

The Lebanese obsession with world records has got to come to an end!
The Biggest Hummus Plate
The Largest Flag
The Largest Glass of Wine
The Largest Ceramic Plate (ok this one is a bit cool, especially for 2009)
The Largest Fattouch Plate!
[to be fair i will list some cool achievements:
The Tallest Matchstick Model & The Largest Collection Of Model Cars]
This world record obsession has to STOP! Now! We have a mass-community-minority complex!

Ofcourse all these listing forget to mention:
The World’s Most influential 500 Arabs: No. 212 Haifa Wehbe (niyelna!)
Another Lebanese Record: 4th in the world on the Governmental Debt Index, according to the International Monetary Fund, UN [2010]
One of the slowest internet speeds in the world! [link1][link2]
127 [out of 180] on Corruption Perception Index 2010 [right next to syria, which we gloat to be more “free” than, and more corrupt then Egypt, whom we proudly advised against their dictator during the Egyptian revolution!]
and with the current rate of inflation and deficit, we will soon be the world’s most screwed economy as well!

I like Jeita Grotto, don’t get me wrong, and proud to have it as part of this beautiful (what ever is left of it) country. But if i had any intention of voting, all these reasons have made me change me mind!

I gave you my reasons not to vote, now give me one solid reason (and by that i don’t mean a patriotic lecture) why i should change my mind or forever hold your texting!

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  1. November 2, 2011 3:46 pm

    haha i agree but I am sorry since am lebanese and in general lebanese are so happy on any things and like go blind on all things.. haha.. so i follow like all other do…. hahah

    • November 2, 2011 11:28 pm

      Am glad you agree, and as i always say this a blog, so it’s simply my humble opinion; anyone can vote if they wish too…

  2. Fadi permalink
    November 2, 2011 9:38 pm

    If you want to orchestrate a solid ” not to vote for Jeita” reason, we can simply admit that we the 4 million lebanese people voting for Jeita can never beat or cross the 1.2 billion Chinese people voting for Yushan National Park check this link: // – and can build tens of cases for the same reason. so my only comment is: Think BIG -Think POSITIVE!

    • November 2, 2011 11:40 pm

      I don’t want to orchestrate anything… i don’t need to. I believe that such a supposedly important list should be created by a well educated, cultured, un-biased and qualified international jury and not sms votes. But that’s only my opinion.

      P.S. I might be one of the most positive people you may meet in real life! But being positive is one thing, being in denial is another 😉

  3. Jessica Obeid permalink
    November 2, 2011 11:01 pm

    Excuse u.. just bcoz smthg doesnt seem “accurate” to u, doesnt mean that it doesn’t get all the spot lights of the world.. Those politicians we have & the things they say do not seem accurate or credible to be, but they do run the country… That s how life is..
    I dont wana give anyone reasons to vote, just give credible reasons why not to..
    The video?? it s the shame of them all in my opinion, & they all seem just like u eventually, like they dont care or even worse, they dont want it 2 win, coz that politician doesnt wana wear an orange tie, Miss Lebanon doesnt wana kiss all Lebanese of course, neither does Mr. Abou Jawdeh want to kiss a cow…
    Yet, Jeita is part of Lenanon, if u do love that country or not, personally, it disappointed me for every minute in my life in here I guess, yet I am Lebanese.. I may not be a proud one, but I am… If u do hold another passport, & u may b proud of it of course, yet u l always have that Lebanese blood running in ur veins.
    U dont wana be dependant on tourism, but here’s some flash news, we are!!!
    What else do we have?? u tell me… It s a pitty actually that we do have all these great historical sites, all this civilization, yet we r unable of benefiting from any of them.
    U dont want to vote for Jeita dont.. I simply think (& it s my opinion which u can all hate) I think it’s double pity that u guys r convincing others not to vote.. I wonder if other finalists in the world are thinking about voting 2 their “wonders”
    U may not even agree that it’s a natural wonder, yet it’s a chance presented now to make the world stop thinking of Lebanon as a place of wars..
    If u ve been abroad, then u definitely know what they think of Leb, how they think we live, whether u like it or not, whether u admit it or not, it is an opportunity to put Lebanon on the world map for smthg that s not catastrophic 4 a change..
    U need a reason i wont give u one… Go check that ID you have.. & tell me, if the decision makers & the ones who should do smthg 4 the country aren’t… Ur position now, how different does it make u from any of them???

  4. November 2, 2011 11:37 pm

    I apologize if this offended you in anyway… however, i do not hold any other passport than that that carries a proud cedar on the cover, and i don’t ned to prove my patriotism to the world by voting to Jeita, if that is a measure of patriotism, we need to set our standards next time around.
    I understand that you are talking passionately, but passion is a blinding. I love Lebanon, and i wake up everyday to serve this country, i work and write and work and work. But voting for this scam BS is not gonna make Lebanon any better, and giving in to the pathetic reality we live in, is simply what it is: giving in.
    Turning lebanon into a purely touristic spot won’t help us erase the war, consensus will.

    but again… this is only my opinion and i respect your passion, i hope you respect mine 🙂

    • Jessica Obeid permalink
      November 3, 2011 12:03 am

      I totally do… forgive my agressiveness :p.. It definitely doesnt prove patriotism, but it s an attempt 2 improve smthg.. maybe… & tourism wont erase anythg akid…
      It s a though situation that needs a miracle or a wonder :p.. in my opinion..
      Anywayz, thx 4 replying.
      PS: Nice Blog :)… keep it up

      • November 2, 2011 11:37 pm

        Hehe, am glad we agree… but i do believe in miracles, those that earned from dedication and persistent work! 😉 i’m sure we can do it!

  5. bigsip permalink
    November 2, 2011 11:43 pm

    Why should there be only seven wonders of the world? If Jeita came in 8th does it mean that it is not a wonder anymore? The voting makes no sense…. (apart from all the points that u made)

  6. November 3, 2011 9:12 am

    I Think other countries deserve to win. Lebanon one of the most corrupt countries and inhabited by uncivilized, thug-like creatures who roam loathing everything around them everyday. and a country where a seldom few respect traffic lights and human rights and where freedom of speech is confiscated, a country of outlaws. A failed state, a polluted one that lacks everything from (telecommunication, public transportation, agricultural plans, environmental plans, public educational systems and numerous other 21st century essentials in a country).

    • November 3, 2011 9:33 am

      Don’t you think that’s a bit non-objective? I mean i agree with all that mentioned, but how is that effective in regards to Jeita?!
      Jeita doesn’t represent Lebanon, it represents an interesting natural phenomena, this is why i opted for a qualified jury to pick the wonders, it have to be objective.


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