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Social Media, Celebrities and Fans

July 13, 2011

Even Celebrities can learn some Good Ol’ Service and acknowledge their fans more often…

Ala’a Wardi: “And I hope it reaches Nancy Ajram :)))” [Original Song]

@CreativeLabME [web] Interviewed Ala’a Wardi [One man band], who said he has heard that someone-told-someone-told-someone-told-someone-told-someone that Nancy has heard the song and liked it, and said that if he was famous enough she would have considered doing some-collaboration with him …

With more than half a million views and such talent, has Nancy Ajram really seen it? and if she did, what should she do about it?
Bad use of social media, is when an artist has online presence but fails to acknowledge such talent among their fans!

Dear Nancy, your fans are the ones that buy your albums and attend you concerts, not the celebrities!

Artists that rock online:

@Slutterhouse [web] [facebook] [twitter] [youtube]
@Meentheband [web] [facebook] [twitter] [youtube]
@Shankaboot [web] [facebook] [twitter] [youtube]
@Mashrou3leila [web] [facebook] [twitter] [youtube]

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