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Good Ol’ Service

June 12, 2011

Yes, all we want is good service.

The falafel shop on the corner makes the best falafel in town, but has no twitter account, youtube channel, facebook page, website, or even an online directory listing or any of the sort. If joining the online stream would make the falafel the slightest bit less tasty (due to cuts in budget to accommodate or any other excuse) then they are better off without it. If their existence on social media is not interactive, responsive, up-to-date, and social then it might be more harmful than beneficial.

Customer Service

The whole point behind social media is to reach out, get more feedback, and engage your clients, even convert them. Brands that focus solely on competitions and self-promotion are missing out alot of the potential of two way communication. Many brands (mainly restaurants) in Beirut have hopped on the social media wagon… and they are doing quite well, some have gone the extra mile (read more on Mind Soup’s blog: What Lebanese brands need to know about social media). The success of all these strategies and investments all come back to one core value: Good Service. (wether through technology or not)

A while back i ordered business cards from Malik’s Bookstore on Sakiet il Jnazeer, the order was to be picked up in my absence by friend and i payed in advance. I made sure i gave the shop all the information/files needed to ensure no printing problems. I received the cards a week later and was highly disappointed, but thought a large spread out bookstore must have the slightest online presence, or even a customer service line i can contact. I found the email contact of the responsible people and sent out an elaborate email of the problem, and to my great pleasure the situation was resolved wonderfully through emails alone, and proper follow up. When i got back to beirut i went over for the pick up and was more than pleased, for two reasons: 1. The cards were perfect! 2. Good ol’ Service (Thank you Malik’s) … maybe it’s time to embrace some social media as well 😉

Imagine the opposite scenario, a shop that tries to runaway from their obligation for good service, avoiding their clients and not embracing criticism to improve their services, it’s not only harmful for the brand in reputation, but also in quality.
Really all customers wants is Good Ol’ Service ..
.. is that too much to ask for?

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